1 In 4 People With Bad Breath Have This Cause, But Have No Idea. Here’s What To Look For

Updated August 16, 2017

Having bad breath can make or break an interaction. While sometimes bad breath is unavoidable. Perhaps, the air coming from your mouth smells of onions or garlic. This might make some people’s noses crinkle up but it’s not going to make them walk away from you. But if you have chronic bad breath – the kind that makes people lean back when you speak, then you have a problem. And you need to deal with it as soon as possible. But a lot of people have a problem that they don’t even know they have. One in four people to be exact. And if they simply knew about the problem and did the following simple fix, they wouldn’t repel people with their horrible, bad breath. Learn more below and if you have bad breath, you need to make sure you aren’t stricken with stinky tonsil stones.

If you’ve tried everything – mouth wash, gum, lots and lots of brushing your teeth – and it hasn’t worked, then you might have a more serious problem causing your bad breath. In truth, this problem – tonsil stones – could be hiding where you can’t see it. Deep inside your mouth where it collects and issues forth a stinky, potent smell that scares people away.

Tonsil stones are small but pack a stench-filled punch.

According to Healthline.com, tonsil stones are common. Many people who have them have no idea they’re stinking up their life. While they are not easy to see, they can be smelled from a mile away. They’re often the size of a rice grain but can increase to the size of an about-to-pop grape when unattended to.

While tonsil stones are common, they’re often preventable. They collect in any crevice, tunnel or pit in your mouth called tonsil crypts. A lot of debris in your mouth like dead cells, mucus, food and saliva builds up in these hidden holes. Then bacteria and fungi descend on the gunk and as they digest it, they produce the stinky odor.

When this debris goes ignore, it continues to grow and solidifies into a tonsil stone. While you may or may not have a tonsil stone, if you have incurable bad breath, you may want to check for them. Some people only have one while others have many.

Poor dental hygiene, large tonsils, chronic tonsillitis, or chronic sinus issues cause tonsil stones.

Bad breath is not the only symptom of having tonsil stones. Many symptoms are noticeable.

Tonsil stones rarely cause medical problem but they do cause: bad breath, sore throat, ear pain, trouble swallowing, ongoing cough, swollen tonsils and white or yellow debris on the tonsil.

People who don’t have large tonsil stones might not have such intense symptoms. Their bad breath could just be mild.

If you find tonsil stones in your system, you should first try gargling to remove them. If that doesn’t work, try to cough them up. But sometimes you will need to manually remove them. Use a pliable, gentle item like a cotton swab or water pick to remove them – not something hard like a toothbrush or you could injure yourself.

But if you suspect you have tonsil stones and want them removed, your best bet is to go see your dentist.

Watch the tonsil stone removal video below.

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