10-Year-Old Boys Dress Like Infants, Unexpected Performance Leaves Crowd Crying From Laughter

Updated October 12, 2017

When you were a child did you participate in your local talent show? These opportunities are great for children because they give them a chance to showcase something they love to do. Whether a child has a hidden talent as a ventriloquist or is a great singer, each child should be encouraged to look inside themselves and showcase their talent to their school and local community. But this group of fifth grade boys did something totally unexpected during their school’s talent show. And it was good. They took the opportunity seriously and created a routine that not one person in the audience was prepared for. And because it struck so close to home for the audience, they were left rolling on the floor laughing like a baby. That was kind of the point.

For weeks the group of boys practiced their routine. Then when the day came for the show at the New Braunfels Christian Academy talent show, they were ready and eager to show their peers what they could do. The boys made costumes that made themselves look just like babies again. Their parents had not seen their boys in these types of outfits for a long time.

The fifth grade boys wore baby onsies and bibs. And they performed their baby routine to the Taylor Swift smash hit “Shake It Off.” And when you see how they choreographed their baby dance, you’ll understand why the audience was roaring in laughter.

While the applause at the beginning was uproarious – since their costumes were awesome – at the end the whole audience including their peers, parents and teachers couldn’t stop clapping. What these young boys had created was so much better than anyone had thought possible for a group of boys their age.

You can watch their performance in the viral YouTube video below. Check it out and then join the conversation about the funny clip in the comments below.

Here were a few comments shared by viewers like you on the YouTube page:

“OMG! So adorable!” one fan wrote.

“The second boy was the best at it.”

“Adorable but embarrassing.”

“I did that in September of 2016 with my best friend for our 6th grade talent show and I’m wear the talent show shirt right now!!!!!”

“The second and third were so amazing.”

“Little did these kids know THEY WENT VIRAL”

“Its making me laugh soo bad , oh no i think i broke” the reply button.”

“Okay, okay, so they did mess up a couple of times, but this was freaking hilarious!”

“FUNNY LOL LOL lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol”

This is the kind of memory these boys will look back upon with fondness. Maybe even the pop superstar Taylor Swift herself will make time to comment about these boys’ performance of one of her most popular songs.

What do you think about these boys’ performance of “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift?