100-Year-Old Has No Idea Cameras Are Recording, Video Of Her Dancing Quickly Goes Viral

Updated March 13, 2017

How many people can say they reach 100? Well, according to GenealogyInTime.com, as of 2010 only 0.0173% reached the Centenarian milestone in the United States. And back in 1950? That number was much lower at 0.0015%.

While we know that medical advancements have helped the general population live longer, there are still relatively few people who stay on this earth for an entire century.

But when Elisabeth Cockrell had her 100th birthday coming up, she knew she had to celebrate it in style. With her entire family gathered in the backyard to celebrate the momentous occasion, Elisabeth walked out the door to take her seat.

Then someone started blasting Bruno Mars’s “24 Magic.” Her response to the dance song was classic…

You don’t make it to 100 without having a sense of humor. And Elisabeth was all too eager to show hers when she walked out as the guest of honor at her birthday party.

Of course, this great-grandmother started dancing as soon as she heard the beat drop. She couldn’t contain her excitement and just let it all out as she was walking out to her special seat. She doesn’t seem a day over 80!

“She got to the door and the music started playing, she just went,” said one of Elisabeth’s grandsons, Daron Anderson, who recorded the viral video. “She’s vivacious. Nobody expected my grandma to do that, I was just so thankful.”

The video clip was shared on Instagram back at the end of February. Treasure_Marnae shared the video with the caption: “Her 100th birthday I love my great grandma she’s a real one..!! I know where I get my attitude and my drinking from..”

Inside Edition (video below) contacted Treasure and asked her to comment on her grandmother’s dance.

“The video makes me smile every time I watch it,” Elisabeth Cockrell’s granddaughter, Treasure Mitchell, told InsideEdition.com

Thousands have watched this granny dance and hundreds have shared congratulatory comments.

Elisabeth raised five children and several grandchildren. And now with great-grandchildren in the family, the 100-year-old matriarch is beloved by everyone who knows her.

But since the video went viral, Elisabeth does not understand how famous she has suddenly become.

“She doesn’t know the technologies of today,” Daron explained.

The family has planned their next reunion for July. If we’re lucky, Elisabeth might just break out another dance routine and go viral all over again.

The video was filmed in Marina Valley, California during the last weekend in February.

Here are what some viewers on Inside Edition wrote about the remarkable grandmother!

“I want to be just like her when I’m 100,” Mercedes Giesbrecht wrote.

“She was alive during WW1 & WW2,” another user shared.

“During her lifetime, she watched women get the right to vote in America and black people get the same protection under the law for their rights,” one user observed.

“She is the bomb!! Awesome, enjoy life at 100  amongst people you love!”

What do you think about her dance moves?

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