100-Year-Old Veteran Has Officially Volunteered More Hours Than Any One Else In The Last 2 Years

Updated July 11, 2017

They say you are only as young as you feel, and for many people approaching middle age that can seem really, really old. But we just found an inspiring story about a New York man who is still going strong at one hundred years old. He has seen the world change dramatically in his life, but every day that the sun rises, he keeps on going. You are going to be so inspired when you watch this video.

To say that Harold Hager has seen and done it all in his one hundred years is to put it mildly. The Steuben County, New York centenarian served in the Navy during World War II, he worked at Corning glass for thirty seven years, he raised a family, and has stepped up whenever his community has needed him. From a massive flood in 1972, in which he helped deliver food to victims, to helping construct houses for the working poor, he has never turned his back on his fellow humans.

Perhaps the thing he is most proud of however is his seventy one year marriage to the love of his life, Anna.

He says “My wedding to my lovely wife, Anna, in 1939, August the sixth. We were together for 71 years and one month almost to the hour.”

His son, John describes the devotion he had for his wife, saying “When my mother had to actually go to the home in 2007. My father, everyday during visiting hours, during the week and through the weekends, seven days a week, he went at eleven o’clock in the morning and stayed with my mother until eight o’clock at night.”

Hager stayed with her every day until she passed away seven years ago.

Although that is usually the time when people start to draw back the curtains on the stage of life, Hager was not about to sit around and wait for grim death to visit.

He joined a local organization that helps senior citizens find appropriate volunteer opportunities. The group, called RSVP, connected Harold with the Non profit organization Habitat For Humanity.

Matthew Harmer is the marketing and outreach coordinator for Steuben County Habitat For Humanity. He says “Harold has been with us for a few years now and he’s the volunteer who does the most number of hours here. He works the equivalent of about a twenty-hour work week.”

He is a jack of all trades who can sort hardware to testing electrical fixtures.

Amazingly, even at one hundred years of age, he has volunteered more hours than any other participant for two years running.

At a recent RSVP event, harold was honored for his efforts. Not one to rest on his laurels, he has decided that his next goal is to stick around until he is at least one hundred and five years old, and if his first one hundred years are any indication, he will continue to be making life better for his community well into the future.

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