109 Americans Confirmed With Poisioning From Fruit Sold In Supermarkets, What You Need To Know

Updated August 10, 2017

While President Trump fights to keep illegal immigrants from jumping the weak border fence along the Mexican border, poisoned food legally crossed the border and was distributed into American homes. One person died. 35 people were hospitalzed and dozens more have been sickened by Mexican papayas that contain salmonella. The outbreak has affected 16 different states. The tainted fruit was traced back to one Mexican farm that grows papayas. Because the fruit killed, the FDA is now only working with Mexico to assure that their fruit exports don’t kill more Americans. The papayas grown on the tainted farm tested positive for 5 different strains of salmonella bacteria.

The person who died from eating the Mexican papaya lived in New York City. The outbreak first made headlines two weeks ago. And the poisoned fruit was traced back to the Carica de Campeche farm which sits between the Gulf and Guatemala.

Maradol papayas are the ones that were poisonous. They are large, oval fruits that have green skins that turn yellow when the fruit ripens. They weigh more than three pounds on average.

Salmonella bacteria can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, fever and death if very severe. Those with weakened immune systems and children are at higher risk.

The states that have been affected by the salmonella outbreak include:

  • -Texas
  • -Louisiana
  • -Utah
  • -Minnesota
  • -Iowa
  • -Kentucky
  • -Virginia
  • -Maryland
  • -Pennsylvania
  • -New York
  • -New Jersey
  • -Massachusetts

The FDA is playing catch up after letting the poisoned fruit pass over the Mexican border without so much as a detailed check.

A spokesman for the FDA is trying to mitigate American fears, but the truth is that many people who enjoy papaya and other Mexican imports are terrified.

“The investigation is continuing and we’ll post more information when it’s available,” said Peter Cassell.

The papayas from the tainted farm have been recalled but the CDC recommends that you don’t eat any maradol papayas from Mexico until further notice.

American resident are outraged that Mexican imports are killing people.

“What a shock. Why import food from a country with non-existent sanitation?”

“That’s what scares me about food from Mexico – the handling of raw food then going to work in the field picking crops, or worse there are no sanitary facilities near a lot of these fields. So if you got to go you just squat. Happens here in the US too but not to the extent it does down there!”

“I remember one type of produce that killed people, I believe it was cucumber, that it was contaminated even if it was washed with soap and hot water. But you must peel off the papaya.. how then…?….”

“I passed up papayas from Mexico the other day at Whole Foods thank God I did not buy them I will avoid all fruits from Mexico as I usually do but now more so.”

Will you avoid Mexican imports for a while? Or do you think you’ll take the risk of eating tainted fruit and vegetables because they’re cheap?

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