11-Year-Old Boy Comes Up With Simple Invention That Will Save Numerous Babies’ Lives (video)

Updated July 6, 2017

It happens every summer, and it is a tragedy every time. Parents accidentally leave their young children or animals in hot cars and they die. Not parent is leaving their child in the hot car on purpose – unless they are a sadistic killer. Scientists believe that the main reason parents forget their children in the hot car is simply being distracted. With so many things on their mind, they just don’t take their child out. And it can result in devastating tragedy. Now one 11-year-old Texas boy named Bishop Currey has invented a simple device that can drastically rude the number of hot car deaths.

Bishop Currey is passionate about fixing the world. He sees a problem and then spends hours dreaming up solutions. And now, the 11-year-old Texas boy has come up with something to stop hot car deaths.

Bishop’s father admits that his boy always had a passion about fixing big-picture problems from natural disasters to civil rights and racism.

When Bishop saw a shocking news report about a 6-month-old child that died in a hot car, Bishop started dreaming up solutions to fix this so it never happens again.

“I was like, ‘This would be my one-way shot to actually helping people,'” Bishop told NBC News.

Bishop got to work inside his workshop at his McKinne, Texas home. He created a mock-up of the device. And it would sense if the child was left alone in the car. It is called “Oasis.” The device sounds an alarm on a headrest or car seat. It alerts the parents’ phone and dials the police. Meanwhile, Oasis blows cold air on the abandoned child.

“It’s like texting,” Bishop said. “But without emojis.”

The boy’s father, also named Bishop Curry, is an engineer at Toyota. He loved his son’s idea.

“My thought was, ‘Why isn’t this in stores now?'”

Toyota was impressed with the boy’s invention. They were so excited they paid for a trip to Michigan for Bishop and his dad to a safety conference.

Although Bishop is enjoying his moment of fame, he hasn’t forgot the tragedy that inspired the ingenious invention.

The six-month-old baby girl, Fern, died in the overheated car and lived not far from Bishop. Every time Bishop goes to school, he passes Fern’s home. He has met Fern’s parents since the tragedy.

“They really supported me,” he said. “They didn’t want anything [like that] to happen to any other families.”

Hot car deaths are on the rise. Since 1994, 808 children have died from heat-related illness after being let in cars in the United States alone, reports Kids and Cars.

In the majority of those cases, the parents were unaware that their child was still inside the vehicle. They were distracted and forgot.

Oasis is on its way into the market. Donors have given more than $31,000 to an online fund to secure a patent on the device. Bishop can’t wait for his invention to save lives.

“People are donating to a belief,” said Bishop’s dad. “A belief that the world can change through one child.”

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