16 Years Ago Video Of Laughing Quadruplets Made Them Famous. Here’s What They Look Like Today

Updated September 20, 2017

If you were browsing the internet back in the early 2000s, you undoubtedly found a video of identical quadruplets all laughing up a storm. These four little girls were filmed in a hilarious and ground breaking clip that showed the quadruplets, Grace, Emily, May Clair and Anna all lying on their mom’s stomach. But these little girls weren’t just being cute, they were all laughing beyond control. While in hysterical laughter, they looked at the camera as dad made funny faces and more to keep the laughter rolling on and on. And although the video was filmed more than a decade and a half ago, it can still entertain the masses today. But the “laughing quadruplet” are no longer little babies anymore. Now the quadruplets from Lexington, South Carolina are practically all grown up.

As a set of quadruplets, the girls are rare indeed. They are among just about 70 sets of quadruplets across the globe. And while many parents have quadruplets and other multiple births with large numbers using fertilization methods, these girls were all conceived naturally. But that had nothing to do with their sense of humor. And because dad managed to get their hysterical laughter on film, he was able to get the video over to America’s Funniest Home Videos where the family ended up winning the show.

These girls are known as the Mathias Quads. And although a lot has changed in the years since their “laughing quadruplets” video went viral, earning them the “Funniest Video of All Time,” they are still the same lovable young women. Not only did the family win a quarter million for winning the show, they also got invited onto a lot of talk shows and became celebrities in their own right.

But at the time, the girls were a bit too young to bask in their newfound celebrity. But now that they’re 16 years old, they have a chance to really enjoy their fame. When Oprah Winfrey invited them in for an interview, the Mathias Quads jumped at the chance to speak to her.

At the end of the video, mom has one wish for her babies.

“I hope that they become the young ladies that God wants them to be, and that they follow his plans for their future. There are good things out there for them, and I’m just excited to see what it is.”

Oprah posted the clip to her OWN YouTube page this past February. Her team wrote the following in the description:

“A pack of quadruplets lying on their mom’s stomach, giggling in unison. The video of their infectious laughter was submitted to America’s Funniest Home Videos and was eventually voted the funniest in the show’s history.”

Hundreds of people left funny and inspiring comments. Here were some popular ones:

“They seem as though they were raised well! I don’t think I could ever handle 4 babies at once. God bless their parents.”

“Stop calling them ugly if you saying that they are ugly u better check up your ugly heart first.”

“To me that baby video was as much about the mother and her big smile and pride that it was about the babies.”

Do you remember seeing this video when it first came out all those years ago? Do you still find it funny today?