19 Strangers Line Up In Room In Order With A Number On A Shirt, Then An Older Guy Walks In : AWM

19 Strangers Line Up In Room In Order With A Number On A Shirt, Then An Older Guy Walks In

While not everyone likes social media, there are certainly some powerful things that can be accomplished due to the connectivity that it offers. Since platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become more prominent, more and more people have gotten connected and stayed connected. It has also been a big player when it comes to sparking love interests and dating sites such as Match.com and Eharmony have been getting people linked, leading to lifelong relationships. Nowadays, it’s not rare to know a few friends who have met their significant others on one of these dating sites.


Recently, there was a different connection that took place as a result of social media. Thanks to the connectivity that Facebook offers, a sperm donor was united with his 19 biological children.

When Michael Rubino was in his thirties, he and his wife discovered that they were infertile, so instead of dwelling on the fact that they couldn’t have kids, Michael decided to donate his sperm so other couples could experience the joy of parenting.

“Back then, my wife and I were infertile,” Michael said. “We’d met some other infertile couples at some counseling sessions, and it just happened that we saw something on the news about the California Cryobank, so I said, ‘Why don’t I do that?’ Then at least I can help out other infertile couples.”

When Michael was filling out the necessary paperwork for the sperm donations, he made it so his conceived children would be allowed to contact him when they turned 18. He really didn’t think much about it and thought that at most, he would meet a couple of them at some point.

That is where social media comes in. As the years passed, more and more of his children found him on the platform and he happily communicated with them.

Ranging from 16 to 21 and hailing from all over the world, all 19 of his children were united with him face to face on an episode of Inside Edition.


“It’s very exciting, It’s a little surreal,” said Michael, as he gets hugs from all his children in a meeting at an airport. “I knew as a donor that if I was lucky, I’d get to meet two or three of them.”

Michael’s 19 children instantly connected with him as well as with their other siblings.

“We all have the same energy and from what I’ve counted, at least 11 of us have blue eyes,” said one of the children. “We are all bubbly and happy.”

Michael, who is an artist, brought all of this children into his Los Angeles home and showed them the portraits that he painted of them. He was impressed with the similarities that his children had with him. All were animal lovers like himself and several had natural artistic abilities.

Some admitted that calling him dad felt right while others chose to still call him by his first name.

“I feel weird calling him dad since I have a dad that raised me and is very much in my life,” said one.

The meeting was a success and all the kids exchanged contact info so they could stay connected.