2. Save Up To $4,264 A Year On Your Monthly Mortgage Payments

Updated February 13, 2018

What many financial advisors consider the best refinance program in U.S. history is going to be ending this year. While your mortgage company tries to keep this under wraps, the government is pushing for you to qualify before the program ends.

Homeowners who visit the program’s approval website often find out they qualify for low-interest rates and a significant reduction in their monthly payment. So far over 3,400,000 million people have signed up with some saving up to $4,264 a year on their monthly payments.

The biggest qualifying factor is if you owe less than $625,000 on your mortgage. And the government is still waiting for the hundreds of thousands of homeowners who would be eligible to finally apply.

People often say when things seem too good, they usually aren’t but for once this is not the case. This program is completely free and was put in place by our government to help out homeowners for free. And this program isn’t aimed to only help those with just poor credit, it’s for those with any credit score, and in fact the better your score the more you’ll most likely save.

Since the program will end in 2018, government agencies are making a final push to make sure homeowners are aware of this opportunity before time’s up.

If you want to see if you qualify to save money on your monthly mortgage payments, you can check out the HARPs approval website here and get your answer in 45 seconds.