35 Cops Finish The Treehouse A Slain Officer Was Building For His Daughter

Updated August 4, 2017

When one signs on to be a police officer, they sign up to have lifelong friendships that are so strong they feel like family. Police officers tend to be so close because they spend a lot of hours together while on duty, and they have to constantly have each other’s back. While being a police officer is a lot of hard work and a dangerous job at times, the built in friendships that the officers have is something that is well worth it.

Officers from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Officer, New York State Police, and the Watertown City Police got together for a very important mission…to help the child of one of their fallen fellow officers. Thirty-five officers, both active and retired, joined together to complete a project that the fallen officer, Joel Davis had been working on for his teenage daughter before he was shot in early July.

It took less than a day for the crew to finish building the tree house and they didn’t skimp on any important tree house features such as a balcony, ladder, string of lights and windows so the teen, Jaila could enjoy some time with her friends in the getaway.

Officer Joel Davis was only 36-years-old when he was shot while responding to a domestic violence call in Jefferson County. While Jaila is probably going through the various stages of grief, the kindness that the officers showed her, surely has made her time a little easier.

This is a perfect example of how police officers, firefighters, and military service members stick by each other’s side. Part of the process of their training involves learning the importance of having each other’s back, which is why this crew had no problem giving up their time to help out their fallen comrade. While police officers are well known for their heroic acts and dedication to fighting crime, they also take on a lot of other roles. Being handy with building things is surely one of the talents that these officers had because it didn’t take long at all for them to have the tree fort up and running.

The image below shows just how much work they put into the project…


They even have a police flag hanging from the balcony, showing that Joel will always be remembered. The thin blue line on the flag is a symbol that is used by law enforcement to commemorate a fallen officer. It is also used as a way of showing support for living police officers and respect toward law enforcement. It’s symbolic of the relationship of the community and law enforcement and recognizes the police as protectors of fellow civilians from criminal elements.

The flag which is black, white and blue is coated in symbolism and the blue center line represents law enforcement, the top black stripe represents the public and the bottom black line represents the criminals. The blue line is what stands between (as guard)  the violence and victimization by criminals and the would-be victims of the crime (the innocent).