4-Year-Old Boy Fails To Contain His Joy During His Soon-To-Be Stepmom’s Heartfelt Wedding Vows.

Updated July 26, 2017

In one of the most adorable viral videos of the year, a 4-year-old boy was caught on camera crying when his stepmother read her wedding vows. Although the 4-year-old’s father and his wife-to-be were supposed to be center stage, the boy still stole the show. The two lovers were each United States service members and got married over the weekend at Quincy Cellars in New York. Senior airman in the United States Air Force, Emily Leehan, stood at the altar to marry the love of her life, Marine Sgt. Joshua Newville, on Saturday. They recited vows for each other and then she turned to the 4-year-old boy Gage and recited individual vows to him.

Emily shared the meaningful words to the boy who would soon become her stepson. While the boy listened to Emily make her vows to him, he ballooned up with emotion and the tears welled up in his eyes before he lunged forward to hug Emily.

“When she started reciting the vows, that’s when the emotion took over and he lost it,” Newville told ABC News. “The whole day was pretty emotional, so I was just trying to keep myself together and keep him together.”

While Emily finished her vows in the viral video, Gage stood next to his beloved father and with tears in his eyes, listened as Emily promised him something that meant the world to the little boy.

“I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you.”

When Emily was finished, she and Gage shared a loving hug and kiss. They were ready to officially become a family.

When the wedding ceremony was finished, wedding guests kept coming up to Gage to tell him how special the moment was between him and his stepmom.

“We were telling him, ‘You did awesome,’ and our family and friends were saying that and told him he made it even better,” Newville said.

Gage is a huge “Star Wars” fan and with his father’s permission, wore a Darth Vader mask when he entered the reception venue with the rest of the bridal party. The newlywed couple even allowed the DJ to play the famous film series’ iconic theme music while they entered to the applause of all the guests.

Because the couple works in the military, they will not have a honeymoon and instead plan to return to their Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey.

Gage now lives with his new stepmom and his father. He still sees his “great mother,” Kali Nuckols, whom his father spoke of highly. Gage visits her in Virginia Beach whenever he can and she makes trips up to them at the base.

But Emily is eager to take on the roll of mother for the young boy. She wants the boy to have positive female role model in his life and is eager to be there for him as he grows up.

Watch her recite her heartfelt vows to the little boy during the wedding in the video below.

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