6-Year-Old Is Excited To Show Teacher Box Mom Packed Her For Lunch, She Quickly Dials 911

Updated March 15, 2017

Being a teacher has many pros and cons. They may not get paid as well as they’d like and they have to deal with other people’s kids all day, which isn’t always the most desirable or glamorous way to spend 40 hours of your week. And oftentimes they have to work long after the last bell of the school day rings, cutting into their own family time. But, they get the summer months off, and they get to start fresh every single year with a new crop of students. One of the things that could be either good or bad, is the fact that a teacher’s day is never really boring, as the variety of kids keep them on their toes.

A New York teacher’s aide was recently flabbergasted when one of her students showed up to school boasting about a white box that was packed in his lunch sack. When she opened the box to see the surprise inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It wasn’t the white box that was the big event, instead, it was the heroine, glassine envelopes, and pills that were packed discretely inside the box.

The aid immediately brought the box to the principal’s attention and soon the mother was arrested for acting in a manner injurious to a child, minor drug possession, and endangering the welfare of a child. And she certainly didn’t try to hide the fact that the box was hers.

“I am the only one who prepares my son’s school bag and lunch. I use heroin. I do not shoot it, but I snort it. I could not find my box with heroin inside,” said the mother, who told police that she must have misplaced her special little white box, putting it in her son’s lunch bag by accident.

That’s one heck of a mistake to make!

And it gets worse…she admitted that it crossed her mind that she may have put the box in her son’s lunch bag, but decided not to waste time double-checking.

“I was not sure if it was in his school bag and went to sleep. I can not believe I did this.”

Shortly after the arrest, she was released on her own recognizance. She is scheduled to appear in court next month.

As to be expected, commenters don’t have too much sympathy for the irresponsible mother…

“What a scumbag.  Take the kid away permanently and throw her sorry ass in jail.  Nothing but a dope head loser.”

“What shocks me is that she was released without a very high bail!  The kid could have shared the “candy pills” to his classmates!!  What an adult can take Can And HAS KILLED a child!!!  Time to “lose the key” by throwing it away – – – – oh wait, this is NY state, Elects Scubags like Schum & HC, common sense left in the early 1960’s!!!”

“It was a mistake.  She meant to pack him a PB&J not heroin.”

Obviously, this woman’s mind isn’t in the right state to be raising a child if she can’t even pack a lunch bag without ‘mistakenly’ putting her drugs in the bag. If the child decided to show it to his classmates instead of his teacher, it could’ve ended a lot differently.