63-Year-Old Twins Hadn’t Left Their House In 3 Years, Then A Neighbor Discovers What’s Hiding Inside

Updated September 7, 2017

A pair of Chattanooga, Tennessee twins were found dead after having apparently died together three years prior. No one had any idea they were dead. They were simply left to their own devices in their house with no one coming to check on them properly. They must have really kept to themselves if no family members found it odd that they didn’t return any calls or emails. Although it was clear that the 63-year-old twins died years before their bodies were finally found, the police are not satisfied. They want the  truth and they’re not willing to stop until they get closer to it.

The death of the 63-year-old twin men is so far a mystery as investigators try to figure out what happened.

For decades, Andrew and Anthony Johnson lived in the same home. Occasionally neighbors would see them mowing their lawn or gardening their property while they wore surgical masks.

But none of the neighbors ever spoke to the aloof twins. They did not live in a friendly neighborhood and that’s probably the way they liked it.

“I didn’t even know their names,” said across the street neighbor Linda Maffett, a 73-year-old retiree.

The skeletal remains of the twins were found on March 29 after a distant relative asked the police to check in on them. Their bodies were decomposing in their recliners.

When an autopsy was performed, no evidence of trauma or violence was found. Toxicology reports are forthcoming. But now someone thinks he knows what killed the Johnson twins…

“While this incident is tragic and unfortunate, Andrew and Anthony lived a hermit lifestyle and did not communicate with family or anyone else,” a police news release said.

Even in the years since the men’s death, the grass kept getting cut – although no one could say by whom.

“I really felt bad that it happened, and I didn’t have the courage to go barging over there and knock on the door when I had that gut feeling,” said Maffett.

When the case finally got to the medical examiner’s office, they took their time checking out the truth behind the deaths. It was clear that in life Anthony took care of his brother, Andrew, who was diabetic. He was also disabled and had severe problems with his vision. This made it difficult for him to make sure he was taking his medicine as he was prescribed. That’s why Anthony took care of him and made sure he was healthy.

But as the medical examiner found out, Anthony died of heart disease. And because he was the primary caretaker of his brother, they both eventually departed.

Although the police were not sure if there was foul play involved or not, the medical examiner put that theory to bed. With Anthony out of the picture, Andrew had no way to monitor his blood sugar levels. And when his diabetes spiraled out of control, Andrew died a slow painful death. Although the mystery of the Johnson twins’ death was solved, it doesn’t help anyone rest any easier.