8 Pairs Of Dancers Form A Diagonal Line. Now See Why These 16 Performers Are Winning Awards…

Updated July 8, 2016

While I might not be a ballroom dancing expert, if someone told me that a team chose Vanilla Ice’s hit Ice Ice Baby as their song for a professional competition, I’d be shaking my head. That will never work for anybody. But I’ll tell you something, when DUET Perm from Russia took the dance floor and started blasting Vanilla Ice’s controversial hit from the speakers, they took my breath away. And everyone in the stands ate it up like pudding.

But they didn’t stop with the white rapper’s song, the dance troupe also threw in MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, Madonna’s La Isla Bonita, and a bunch of other pop songs from a bygone era. And they absolutely pulled it off. Flawlessly. We’re sharing their spectacular performance at the 2014 World Formation Latin, a DanceSport Total competition…

When DUET Perm first takes the floor, the crowd cheers and applauds the spectacular dancers. The men and women split off into two separate groups – eight dancers in each.

The men have their hair slicked back and are wearing tuxedos with bellbottom pants. The women are in black short skirts and dressed like flight attendants. They all are done up to look attractive and have big smiles on their face. But you can tell they are all genuinely enjoying themselves…

A few moves later, the song switches to MC Hammer’s hit as one female leads the fray. The ballroom dancers form back into pairs but as the male dancer spin the females around the floor, Beyonce’s 2003 hit Crazy In Love takes over the speakers.

Without a doubt, these Russians are among the most skilled ballroom dancers on the planet.

At the 3:25-mark, you’ll join the crowd in their cheer as they form a line and begin dancing to the upbeat tune you’re definitely going to recognize.

The professionals don’t miss a step or a beat throughout the whole performance. They are moving in unison and have seemingly transcended themselves and become just one unit.

While we think they’re amazing, what does the world have to say? Here’s what some people wrote in the YouTube video comments.

  • “i must have watched this for 2 running weeks every day!  LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  you see how they enjoy it!! dress music choreography everything is superb”
  • “From the moment they begin, the Russian team exceeds the German team the judges ranked number one in this competition.  Yes, the number of views of each performance speaks volumes.  Aside from the inventive choreography, their costumes are classically beautiful and the narrative chroreographical concept more original and inventive.  What was it with the judges of this competition?  They goofed big time when their numbers did not add up to give this team first place!  This performance will continue to be viewed for years, long after the stale German performance is forgotten…”

Surprisingly, this team did not win the competition. But it seems like their performance will live on long after the judges made their final call.

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