8 Women Line Up By The Pool In Strange Outfits. Then The Rock Music Plays And I’m In Awe

Updated August 16, 2017

In the summer Olympics, swimming is one of the most popular sports. Next to the track and field events, swimming is a huge competition – especially with Michael Phelps being such a success for America.

But when is the last time you sat down and watched a synchronized swimming event? If you’re like the majority of people, it’s not usually a sport you’d consider as a priority.

However, when you see the women’s routine in the video below, you might start to rethink synchronized swimming’s place in the world of sports. You’ll never laugh or look down on synchronized swimming again after seeing this incredible clip.

In this breath taking clip, you’ll see the UK’s synchronized swimming team perform their amazing routine in Montreal in 2009 and their talent is undeniable.

The eight women form two lines at the side of the pool. They hold a pose until Queen’s “We Will Rock You” blasts on the stadium’s speakers.

As soon as the iconic song begins, the synchronized swimmers take the signal to begin their performance. That’s when the magic happens. As soon as they start moving, this clip had completely mesmerized me. I could not look away.

They dive into the pool and erupt from the water’s calm surface as soon a Freddie Mercury starts singing the song’s first verse. Not only are they an amazingly talented group of young women, they perform to one of the best classic rock songs of all time.

The women move their bodies perfectly in time to the hit rock song. They don’t miss a single beat!

Even when they’re kicking their legs back and forth from under the water, they’re right on cue. It’s truly a spectacular sight to see. I honestly never thought I’d have any interest in synchronized swimming until I saw how truly outstanding these simmers are.

Check out their amazing performance below. Maybe we should pay more attention to this Olympic sport.

Does this clip make you want to watch synchronized swimming in the next Olympics? Even if it doesn’t, it’s sure to take your breath away.

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