84-Year-Old Bodybuilder Breaks Guinness Record. You Have To See His Body To Believe It

Updated September 13, 2017

Who says age matters?

We are learning more and more that age is nothing but a number. Surely you have heard the saying “you are only as old as you think you are.”

This saying couldn’t be truer for California resident, Jim Arrington. The 84-year-old has been lifting weights since he was 15 years old in 1947 and he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. Throughout the years, Arrington has entered several bodybuilding contests and he loves every minute of the sport, including the rigorous training. He has competed in a total of 62 competitions in his 70 years of training, and he’s been ranked as #1 in 16 of those competitions. Talk about dedication.

Arrington knows better than most people how much work and preparation go into making sure he is “contest ready,” but that hasn’t stopped him from pushing forward, even at the age of 84. His determination and perseverance have allowed him to secure a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the oldest bodybuilder at the competitive level.

It’s not surprising that he is an inspiration to his friends and fellow competitors.

“I want to grow up to be like him, ageless,” said Jerome Ferguson, a professional bodybuilder. “I mean, 84 years young with abs. Most people at 84 are dead.”

But, it’s not all that hard for Arrington, as he completely enjoys what he is doing, which he believes is the ultimate key to longevity.

“You know it’s a great feeling to be in the gym, get the blood flowing through your muscles and kind of pumped up,” Arrington said. “I will keep going as long as I possibly can as long as I enjoy it. I don’t think I’ll really get tired of it.Up to now, I was just into bodybuilding and entering contests as long as I possibly could before I fall apart or die or something like that,” Arrington said.

You can check out Arrington’s unbelievable physique on the video below. But beware as it just might inspire you to get your own body moving. It’s hard not to be inspired when he shows off his toned and tight body as he does a series of competition poses. Arrington’s abs alone put most twenty-somethings to shame.

“I’ll keep going as long as I possibly can as long as I enjoy it,” said Arrington, who lives in Venice Beach, which is known for its popular fitness scene.  “If I don’t enjoy something I’ll quit it.”

It’s really amazing to see what exercise can do to maintain youth. Arrington is certainly proof of this, as he doesn’t look a day over sixty and he appears to be sharp and clear mentally.

Commenters shared their thought on Arrington’s intense fitness regimen…

“Working out actually slows down the aging process so he’ll outlive most.”

“Body building and muscle strengthening are what’s keeping this man strong and young. I’m not going to lie he looks good.”

And exercise benefits your entire body, including your face…

“He still has some amazing skin! It’s very strong! I’m proud of him.”