97 Out Of 100 Adults Will Fail This Spelling Quiz. Are You One Of the Few That Passed It?

Updated September 7, 2017

When you were a kid did you win the school’s spelling bee? If not, you’re probably going to struggle to get these words spelled correctly. Although, they’re words you’re familiar with and probably use on a regular basis, the majority of Americans, educated or not, continue to misspell these words day after day.

If spelling has always been your strong suit, then you might have what it takes to get a 100% on this quiz. If not, don’t worry. Spelling is a skill that you can improve with practice.

Are you ready to see how you stack up against the masses? Scroll down and take this spelling quiz today! Share your results in the comments when you’re done.

When you take the quiz, you’ll either be grouped as a spelling master or someone who really needs to brush up on this basic English skill. Great spelling can help you communicate better with the people around you and improve your writing ability.

For those at the top of the charts, you’ll get the following inspirational message:

“You are a spelling master!! 99% of people can’t get more than 11/21.”

What if you don’t do so great? Well, then you’ll get the following message:


What do people have to say on Playbuzz:

“I was taught by my retired Teacher of a mother since I was able to talk, I could read and write at a year 2 level while in preschool,” Laura Kaye Moses bragged.

“So could I. Except I didn’t have a retired-teacher helping me. I’m just really good at reading and writing, not so good with that arithmetic (sic) stuff though,” Caitlin Leaann Turner responded.

Christopher Hussein pointed out Caitlin’s mistake: “The irony of being ‘really good at reading and writing,’ and then spelling arithmetic incorrectly.”

“Only practice can you learn to spell properly and correctly. That’s how I was taught in school in the early 50s,” shared Tina Koay Prestage.

Becky Canalez wrote, “I would’ve done a lot better if I was just asked to spell the word instead of having two options. Once I saw the other spelling option it made me second guess myself but I’m still a master.”

Jude Mignacca shared, “18 out of 21…but I will tell you, that a better indication of ‘reading and writing’ skills are grammar and syntax. I find that most people couldn’t put a sentence together if their lives depended on it. The misuse of punctuation, capitalization and sentence construct show how our schools fail to teach children the skills needed to open up the world of reading and writing to them as they truly deserve.”

Not happy with your score, try it again and see if you can pass on the next attempt. If not, we’ll give you some tips to improve your spelling over the next few months.

First, spend more time reading. When you come into contact with more words on a regular basis, you’ll absorb them and their spellings.

Practice spelling tests. Return to this page – and our other quizzes – and challenge your reading and writing skills.

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