A Baby Sits On The Sofa Going Number Two, But It’s The Dog’s Reaction That Has Us In Stitches

Updated September 12, 2017

Few things are as cute dogs and babies. But when they’re together, they’re absolutely adorable. And when a baby starts giggling, everyone around them has to look and smile. But in the clip below, you’ll see what happens when the baby and mom laugh for a very different reason. While the baby and the dog are sitting on the couch, mom takes out her camera. She knows something special is coming. Her baby has already started making the usual noises of going to the bathroom. But never has the baby pooped this close to the family dog. Mom wants to catch this special moment and share her baby making doo-doo with the world. While that is nothing special alone, how the dog reacts will make you laugh along with mom and baby.

When the video starts, you see the baby sitting on the sofa next to the family dog. Then the baby starts doing what babies do best – pooping his pants. Babies don’t know any better and just go when it feels right. They can be in the stroller, in their crib or on the sofa next to the family dog. They’re not going to censor their urge to move their bowels. But that doesn’t mean the family dog has to sit by and abide the little baby’s business.

The video went viral on a YouTube channel called Kyoot Kids. More than 12 million people have watched the clip to date.

You’ll watch the thirty second clip and laugh out loud – so if you’re at work make sure you close your office door or else everyone is going to hear you laughing.

The little baby starts grunting and moaning and pushing out what is on its way out. The noises are so loud and disturbing, the family dog cannot stand it. He looks at the baby with disgust and then leaves the sofa to get away from the noise and stink.

Here were some thoughts shared by viewers like you on the YouTube video:

“with those sounds. omg i’d run away too”

“Dog’s like ‘dude, they put me outside if I make noises like that!’”

“I’m not sure whether to find this disturbing or hilarious.”

“I will continue to laugh at fart and poop jokes for all my days.  It’s one of the simple pleasures in life.  Early in life it’s about kids [pooping] themselves.  Later in life it’s about people [pooping] on each other for [kinky] reasons.  Then in the senior days, it’s back to people [pooping] themselves.  At every step, each is a gift.  I’m sorry if you can’t enjoy the gift.  Could it be that you’re overlooking the true meaning of life?”

Some parents are surprised the baby’s mom is filming the baby move its bowels They commented on this trend.

“Anyone else find it really weird that the mom is cheering on the baby pooping? I never did that with my daughter.”

Check out the footage below and join the public in laughing at the baby and the dog.