A Father And Son Were Fishing When They Thought They Spotted A UFO Floating Near Their Boat

Updated December 6, 2016

While out on his boat fishing off the coast of Australia, one man and his father saw an alien-like object floating in the middle of the ocean. From a far, he was sure it was a UFO that crash landed in the water. But when he got closer, he realized that it was actually something else. But the truth ended up being even more shocking for the outdoor enthusiast.

During his fishing excursion 25 nautical miles out from Bunbury which is south of Perth, Australia, Mark Watkins and his father came upon a large floating object that terrified them. From a far they thought it was probably another boat or maybe a hot air balloon. But when they approached, they realized the truth was much stranger and possibly not of this world…

As the father and son pair got closer, the thing in the water began to appear more and more alien. The former UFO had large, long, scaly ridges that spanned the entire length of its large circular exterior. And it seemed to be made out of some strange rubber-like material.

When they got closer, the 36-year-old and his father realized the truth. It was actually an inflated whale carcass floating in the waters off Australia. A shocking sight to say the least for a man and his dad looking to have a relaxing day out on the water.

“Its stomach was full of gas so it was all bloated up,” Watkins said.  “When we got closer we realized it had to be a dead whale because of the smell.”

Watkins took the images shared here and posted them on his Facebook page. As you can see, the bloated whale is near its bursting point. The whale’s flesh is so stretched it appears to be pink. The fishermen who have been out on the water most of their lives said they have never seen anything like this before.

Besides his shocking bloated whale sighting, Watkins also attracted more attention when he claimed a 13-foot pointer shark was surrounding his boat that day.

When he looked closer, Watkins noticed that the whale had large chunks of skin bitten off. The shark must have been using the dead carcass for dinner.

Authorities think the whale was killed by sharks and has been floating in the water, decomposing for some time now.

Southern right and humpback whales are common in the waters of Australia’s South West. They migrate in large numbers through the warmer ocean waters and could very possibly explain this particular creature’s presence.

The whales are often spotted in the area from June to August each year.

Here’s what some readers on Daily Mail had to say about the alien-like whale.

  • “it’s one of Kim Kartrashian’s old buttcheek implants”
  • “Hillary Clinton’s Stay-Puft costume from Thursday night.”
  • “It’s clearly the mouth of a whale… Really? Who wouldn’t know that”
  • “If Donald Trump wants to take a swim, why can’t he use his own pool?”

What did you think the floating ball was? Did you suspect it was a whale?


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