A Hidden Camera Catches What Really Happens To Your Luggage At The Airport

Updated August 7, 2017

Next time your flight lands in Orlando, Florida, prepare for your baggage to be manhandled. A hidden camera captured what really happens when the ground crew starts sorting and organizing luggage. They treat it like trash. After the footage (included below) went viral, the ground crew at Orlando International Airport was fired for lobbing suitcases and slamming bags to the ground like a football player who just scored a touchdown. And this problem wasn’t just caused by one or two employees at the Orlando airport – it was a team-wide problem. The crew simply had fun with the suitcases – throwing them above their heads and mistreating passengers’ baggage without a care in the world – even if the bag was labeled fragile.

The Daily Mail was the first source to share the viral video footage. Reportedly, just two hours after the post was published, the workers in the video were fired. But don’t rest easy yet – the problem at the Orlando International Airport has not been fixed, the management has simply put a band aid on the issue.

The hidden camera captured what the Orlando ground crew did to the bags coming in from the Virgin Atlantic flight that had come from London Gatwick, Manchester, England, or Glasgow, Scotland. The crew was filmed mistreating baggage when a passenger waiting to board a British Airways flight from Orland to London saw the way the crew was acting. He then started filming and quickly sent the clip to Daily Mail.

The Orlando workers slammed the baggage down on the carousel like they were professional wrestlers besting an opponent. Since the video went public, Orlando International Airport has released a statement trying to protect their floundering reputation. Tourists are already frowning on travel to Orlando and now this problem makes them less likely to visit.

In a statement the Greater Orlando Airport Aviation Authority said: “Providing safe, secure and excellent customer service is our mission at Orlando International Airport. The incident viewed is not an example of the level of service we strive for. The employees involved have been removed from working at the airport.”

19-year-old Matthew Campbell captured the footage. Campbell could not believe that a “professional” baggage handler would slam suitcases down like that.

“I saw it out of the window and I couldn’t believe it. It was ridiculous. They were throwing the bags and I wouldn’t be surprised if people’s suitcases and belongings were broken by the way they were hurling them. I had to film it for evidence. I’m not sure why they were behaving that way. Maybe it’s because they work long hours and were tired, but either way it shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It’s put me off flying Virgin Atlantic altogether. I don’t want my luggage to be treated that way.”

Campbell’s suitcase had been damaged after his trip to Orlando for a Caribbean cruise. He is pretty sure who is to blame.

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