A Leaked Recording Gives Rare Insight Into Elvis’ Troubled Marriage

Updated August 11, 2016

Rare audio footage has been found that exposes the real reason Elvis Presley divorced Priscilla. The rare recording features the King of Rock and Roll himself as he discusses his troubled marriage at a press conference.

Just as Elvis reached the peak of his fame and became the world’s most famous celebrity of his day, he married the beautiful Priscilla. But their love was not slated to last. A few short years later, Elvis and Priscilla split in one of the most public divorces ever.

And the rumors about why the iconic pair had split swirled around the news media. But now this rare moment caught on tape, included for you below, reveals the truth behind the failed marriage. At least from Elvis’ perspective…

While taking a rare break from his Las Vegas show, Elvis sits down to speak with an interviewer. In the room, Elvis opens up about why his marriage failed. And to make things even more complicated, his ex-wife, daughter Lisa Marie, and new girlfriend Sheila Ryan were all in attendance.

But Elvis starts first by acknowledging that the song “You Gave Me A Mountain” was indeed written from a personal place, as many people suspected, and it did reflect in part his relationship with Priscilla. That’s when he shines the spotlight on her and tells her to stand up.

“She’s right here…please stand up,” Elvis says to Priscilla. “Boy, she’s a beautiful chick. I’ll tell you for sure, boy. I know it when I pick ’em.” The audience erupts in cheers as Elvis parades around his beautiful ex-wife.

After that the performer introduces his 6-year-old daughter Lisa Marie Presley. She jumps up to wave and Elvis scolds her for not pulling her dress down before jumping up.

“And then at the same booth is my girlfriend, Sheila. Stand up, Sheila,” He says into the microphone. “Turn around, completely around. Sheila, hold that ring up!”

The beautiful young woman displays the huge ring Elvis had given her at his request.

Then Elvis starts to reveal the juicy details. Like why his ex-wife, current girlfriend, and daughter are all sitting in the same booth…

“The thing I’m trying to get across,” he began. “We’re the very best of friends and we always have been. Our divorce came about not because of another man, or another woman, but because of the circumstances involving my career.”

“I was traveling too much, I was gone too much and it was just an agreement. I didn’t think it was fair to her, that I was gone too much.

“We just made an agreement to always be friends and be close and care because we have a daughter to raise.”

At that point in the recording, Elvis discusses more of the intimate details of the divorce proceedings. He admits that he still gives his ex-wife gifts because they are still close.

With a chuckle, because he knows he still has her in the bag, Elvis admits that his ex-wife just bought him a $42,000 white Rolls Royce for him, “out of the kindness of her heart”.

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