A Lion And Lioness Walk Up To An Injured Fox. What The Lioness Does Next? Animal Experts Are SHOCKED

Updated April 11, 2016

There is no doubt that all mothers share a common instinct, an urge from Mother Nature to protect the children that they have brought into this world through the miracle of birth. Yet when it comes to animals, that motherly instinct usually is reserved for members of your own species.

But recently one lioness went completely against Mother Nature, defying the laws that have been governing the wild creatures of Earth since the beginning of time. She found an injured bat-eared fox, about to become lunch for the leading lion of her pride. Instead of just letting the lion munch on the poor baby fox, this lioness does something incredible!


This heroic lioness is part of the Sunday Pan pride, residing with the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. She was walking around one day, protecting her cubs when she came across this fox and suddenly everything changed.

The injured fox was unable to stand, walk or really do anything on it’s own. The lion was nearby, watching and waiting for it’s tasty lunch – having no idea a courageous lioness would stand up and defend the tiny animal.


Once the lion finally made his approach, the lioness began to protest – much to his displeasure. Her motherly instincts kicked in and the lioness moved herself and her cubs in-between the lion and his prey.

lion3 lion2

The lion didn’t like that very much, so he decided to go after the cubs themselves – leading to an all out roar fight between the two ferocious creatures, neither backing down an inch. Finally the lion walked away, giving up on his tiny prey in search for a more filling and easier to obtain lunch somewhere else.


The little fox was finally able to walk off on his own, all thanks to the protective motherly instincts of this loving lioness. Share if you are inspired by her courage in the face of danger!