A List Of 23 Facts That Few People Ever Knew About America’s Favorite Show, I Love Lucy

Updated October 25, 2016

Most people agree that “I Love Lucy” was a groundbreaking television program that was ahead of its time. Not only did it show a vivacious woman, it also depicted an interracial couple back during the time of the Civil Rights movement.

But “I Love Lucy” broke ground in many other ways too. Below, we’re telling you two dozen “I Love Lucy” trivia facts you probably didn’t know. Memorize these and then tell your friends. They’ll be delighted.

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1. “I Love Lucy” was the first TV show to be filmed in a three-camera layout.
2. 300 people attended each live taping of the famous Lucille Ball program. Those tickets were hard to come by…
3. The show was filmed from start to finish in its entirety. The actors were so good, they hardly ever needed to re-film anything.
4. Lucille Ball admitted that nothing on the show was improvised: “We never ad-libbed. We never ad-libbed on the set when we were putting it together. It was there.”
5. Did you know the opening titles where based on the diamond-encrusted, heart-shaped lapel Desi Arnaz gifted Lucille Ball on her 29th birthday? This was only used when the show went into syndication.
6. The original plot was supposed to mirror the celebrity lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. At least that’s what the producers wanted.
7. Both Ball and Arnaz wanted the audience to relate to them so they centered the show around an average family.
8. Lucille’s natural hair color isn’t blonde it’s brown. She went blonde when she got to Hollywood and never looked back until she started her trademark red in 1942.

9. It was supposed to be Larry and Lucy. But the producers didn’t like the way they sounded. So they changed Larry Lopez to Ricky Ricardo.
10. Episode 1 of “I Love Lucy” aired when Lucille Ball was 41.
11. Fred (William Frawley) and Ethel (Vivian Vance) shared a 22-year age difference.
12. Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance (Ethel) hated each other for the first few seasons of the show, as rumor has it.
13. Desi Arnaz’s memory was so good, he only needed to read the script once.
14. Most characters on the show were named after Lucille’s close friends and family.
15. When Lucille was pregnant in 1952, they used the word “expecting” because “pregnant” was to racy!
16. Each episode featuring Lucy’s pregnancy was reviewed by a minister, priest, and rabbi to ensure it wasn’t offensive to the conservative TV audience.
17. 44 million viewers watched Lucy give birth to little Ricky. That was 72 percent of all US homes with TVs at the time.
18. The famous Vitameatavegamin was simply apple pectin and Lucy actually tasted it!
19. Lucy almost died during the grape stomping scene in the “Lucy’s Italian Movie.” But no one noticed that she was choking until after it was filmed.
20. The lyrics to the theme song can be heard in the “Lucy’s Last Birthday” episode.
21. Lucille Ball appeared on the first-ever cover of TV Guide. She would go on to be featured another 38 times.
22. Ball was the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu, when it was founded in 1962.
23. “I Love Lucy” was the first TV show to end its run at No. 1 according to the Nielson ratings.
24. Although the show ended in 1957, 40 million Americas still watch it because of syndication.

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