A Little Girl Learns She’s Being Adopted, Her Reaction Makes The Evening News

Updated October 12, 2017

Every year about 135,000 children are adopted in the United States every year. And while that is a significant number, there are still a lot of children out there who are still looking for a family. While some adoptions are stepparent adoptions, of those that aren’t, almost 60 percent come from the foster system. About a quarter of the other adoptions come from other countries and only about 15 percent come from parents who have relinquished their American babies. That means more children are being adopted from foreign countries than they are being taken from parents in need within America. But the video below is going to warm your heart regardless of the adoption statistics of the United States. She is 11-year-old Tannah Butterfield from South Jordan, Utah. And when you see how she reacts to the news about her adoption, your heart will skip a beat.

Butterfield is a sixth grade student at the American Heritage School. And on October 2, she learned that the judge had approved her foster parents’ petition to adopt her into their family along with Tannah’s two younger siblings.

After the parents got the great news from the judge, Tannah’s new adoptive mother called her school and asked the administrator Jackie Alexander to tell Tannah the good news.

When Alexander told her the adoption was official, Tannah couldn’t contain her joy and excitement. She jumped into the air and held onto Alexander’s arms. In the video, you’ll see that she is a living depiction of happiness.

Alexander shared a video of Tannah’s reaction in an Instagram post. The school’s security cameras managed to capture the young girl’s joyous reaction.

Alexander said, “This is pure testament that in a world full of turmoil and strife, there is still light and joy to be found in little everyday moments.”

Along with that, Alexander wrote:

“A dear family I know has been fighting for as long as I can remember to adopt 3 of their foster children that attend our school. It’s been hard to watch them fight this emotional battle. My love has grown for this family and I have learned so much from them as they have tried to remain positive despite many setbacks. Today my phone rang at my desk and it was my friend Jen telling me things FINALLY had come to an end and the courts were going to let them ADOPT the children!! She asked me if I would be sure to tell her sweet girl when she came to my desk for her daily visit. She knew she would want to know right away because she had been so worried.”

Tannah later told KUTV that this was “the best thing that’s ever happened to me. They’re just caring, loving, they take really good care of me.”

When she first heard the news, Tannah said that it was like a weight being lifted off of her.

“My heart was so happy. It was like ‘ah’ it was like screaming.”

Watch the heartwarming moment below. How does it make you feel to see something like this happen?