A Little Kid Is Terrified To Testify In Abuse Case, Then She Sees Group Of Bikers Walk In

Updated July 10, 2017

When a little girl has to testify in a courtroom, the whole world can look big and scary. And very frequently, that little girl may not have a whole lot of people standing beside her in support. But then again, you may have your own biker gang to lift you onto their shoulders and carry you into the stand. We just found out about a wonderful organization that helps little kids, and you are going to be amazed at who are the members.

As you’ll see in this heartwarming video, BACA members become true family and friends to BACA children by empowering them in their difficult situations and helping them feel safe and supported. BACA supports these sexually and physically abused children by staying by their sides after the nightmare and escorting them to and from school. What could make you feel safer than having a big, bad biker by your side 24/7?

BACA members even support the child victims in the courtroom, when the victims have to face their abusers. Backed up by their leather-clad friends, these abused children can feel empowered and safe in an intimidating situation. One BACA security officer says, “Slowly but surely children realize they are safe with us, and they will not let us leave.”

This video and the story of BACA has gone viral. Crime Watch Daily’s video alone has been seen by more than four million viewers. The conversation continues online, as readers weigh in with their opinions on BACA.

Alaina Bailey of Welshpool Powys says, “I wish these guys were in England.”

Fran Dan Gervais of École secondaire catholique Cité des Jeunes wrote, “i wish we had bikers like that here in ontario to many children being abused and everything.”

Nicoledanielleandy Cash of Camelback High School commented, “This is beautiful that these bikers do this for the kids.”

Jennifer Thomas of Knightswood Secondary School tells her story: “i grew up with bikers and ive never felt safer people sometimes judged from appearance instead of trying to get to know the person underneath i remember when my mum died a big pile of guys from my dads motorbike club came to the funeral and gave my mum a brilliant send off and i remember going on easter egg runs to the local childrens hospital every year.”

Sidd Anunnaki, who works at Hotel Ashburton, wrote, “People judge on appearances purely as a survival tactic, we are animals and this is how we evolve. We seperate the prey from the predators because the predators will disguise themselves as sheep when in reality they are wolves. Certain situations and circumstances will occur allowing us to allow a stereotype in to our lives, but simply implying it is wrong to stereotype when it comes to a plausible threat is absolutely ludicrous. Their is a logical reason one might stereotype somebody based upon their social standing, ethnicity & appearance etc. I hope this explains why people naturally will keep a distance even if they are lovely people inside.”

What do you think of Bikers Against Child Abuse? Have you ever seen these gentle giants help out in your community? Please share your thoughts and stories with us here.