A Month After His Wife Passed Away, He Gets Pizza; Finds A Note From Her Written On The Box

Updated August 31, 2017

In Ronkonkoma, New York, they do pizza differently than New York City – very differently. Instead of always trying to scrap a profit from their customers, the good people at Albert’s Pizza decided to do some good for the local community. They began running a pay it forward campaign that would allow locals to get a nice surprise. The pizza shop asked their generous patrons to buy pizzas for those who deserved them – whether they wanted to show some extra kindness to the brave police officer, single parents or firefighters. The men and women of Ronkonkoma who received these free pizzas couldn’t help but smile and express their joy. But Dennis Krust was not prepared for what he was to find on his free pizza box. And it left him speechless and tears.

You see, Krust recently lost his wife. She had fought hard, but she just couldn’t win against the cancer that ravaged her body for years. And now the 59-year-old Krust was heartbroken and just wanted a slice of tasty pizza to forget about all his problems.

When he walked into Albert’s Pizza, Krust quickly learned that he won free pizza! This small win made him smile, but it was only the beginning of the generosity and love he was about to find in that meal.

As his wife fought to survive, she kept urging Dennis to focus on the future: “You have to be strong,” she said. “You have to be strong.” She wanted him to move on after her death. She had accepted that her time on earth was nearing its end and wanted her husband to live a joyful live – not one filled with grief and sadness .

Although he tried to follow his wife’s advice, he couldn’t. He spiraled into a depression and lost his will to live. Suicide was an option he was beginning to contemplate.

When Albert’s Pizza offered him the free food, Krust smiled. He took home the entire pie and then when he opened it, he was stunned. There was a handwritten note scribbled on the inside of the box. And he almost fainted when he recognized his late wife’s handwriting. She had left the message to pay it forward.

Krust looked at that handwritten message on the inside of the pizza box and it “turned my life around.”

What was the message his wife wrote in the pizza box?

“Stay strong.”

In the video report below, you’ll see Krust holding up the pizza box that saved his life. It was almost like his wife had sent a message from the grave to help perk her husband back up into better spirits. And Lord knows he needed the kick in the pants to get his life back on track. Without the special message from his wife, he would have continued to spiral into depression and lose his will to come back out the other side.

Watch the report below and see the magic unfold on camera. What do you make of this special moment? Was it a coincidence or God sending Dennis Krust a message?

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