A Stewardess Fed This Puppy While On A Layover, And Found Him Waiting For Her Six Months Later

Updated August 11, 2016

Sometimes, all it takes to get the girl is determination and patience. Of course, it never hurts to be really cute and loyal, also.

When one stray dog was shown kindness by this flight attendant, he decided he had found his life buddy, and made it his mission to win her over. Here’s the real life “Lady and the Tramp.”

A stray dog living on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina was instantly smitten by a German flight attendant. Soon thereafter, he decided life on the rough and tumble streets of the south American city just was not enough anymore.

Luckily for him, the attraction was mutual.

Olivia Sievers first met the dog over six months ago when she flew to Buenos Aires as a flight attendant with Lufthansa Airlines, and had taken an instant shine to him as well. She gave him some food and pets and hugs, and soon the neglected stray followed her everywhere, even sleeping outside her hotel every night.

Sievers tells the story of the early days of their courtship, ”I tried to change my way as I didn’t want him to follow me to the hotel but it was not possible. He always followed me so I tried to wait one hour, but he always watched me and followed me. I met him in January or February this year when I was in Buenos Aires. I was walking around very early in the morning, we played, and I had some dog food. This dog really wants some friend and some attention, really he’s always looking for a human,” she recalled.
Despite the “stalking”, Ms. Seivers did not feel threatened by the dog, whom she named Rubio, say that he was “really happy that someone gave him attention.”

Over the course of several trips to Buenos Aires, Seivers and Rubio grew closer and closer. Rubio would wait for her return, and eventually, she helped him get placed with an adoptive family. But he had different ideas about who he should live with, and Rubio ran away, only to seek her out again.

Finally, Ms. seivers could no longer deny that she had totally fallen for Rubio, and so she made arrangements to bring him back to Germany to live with her. He even got to hang out in a special animal lounge that Lufthansa Airlines offers to their four legged passengers, while his documents were prepared.

Sharing the emotional moment at the airport when they were finally getting to leave for Frankfurt, Seivers wrote on Facebook, “Today, I am once again crying out. He was so happy and we were 30 minutes together again.”

Since moving in together, Ms. Seivers and Rubio have shared their new life on Facebook, posting lots of pictures of the two of them going to dog parks, playing with new friends, and living the high life. It seems that Rubio is adjusting just fine to his new surroundings, and he certainly does love his new partner.

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