Abandoned Pet Who Can Barely Move From Pounds Of Overgrown Hair, Finally Gets Groomed

Updated November 28, 2017

When Rags was first found, the 3- or 4-year-old Shih Tzu mix looked like a complete mess. The animal had dreadlocks so thick that he had to have them all shaved off by a dog groomer. And now that the easy procedure was finally conducted, the animal looks like a brand-new dog. And he has a completely new lease on life. Just take a look at him now and watch the video below.

The homeowner discovered the abandoned dog named Rags when he wandered into someone’s yard. The homeowners called an animal rescue non-profit, and they came to save him from the tragedy that had befallen him.

“The person that brought him in said they had been feeding him for a few weeks after he wandered into their yard but made it clear he did not belong to them,” said an employee at Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter. “His body was covered in the thickest mats that we’ve ever seen. We’ve never seen this much hair on a dog this size!”

Because he is a small dog, the dreadlocks were weighing him down. And when they were finally shaved off, they weighed a shocking four and a half pounds. The dog groomers who dealt with his case had never seen such horror in all their days in their line of work.

The dreadlocks were so matted. He had developed bowed legs. The fur was tangled, they could not be cut with scissors. And he was infested with fleas and had lots of sores under his coat of dreadlocks. Rags needed help badly and came under the care of the rescue organization just in time.

It took the professional dog groomers three hours to remove the horrible dreadlocks from the Shih Tzu mix’s coat. And the good people at Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter (CARES) were able to transform Rags into a seemingly new dog. He was practically bouncing off the walls when the four and a half pounds of matted fur was taken off him.

“He looks like a different dog, and I think he’s proud of his new look,” CARES board member Paige Daugherty said. “After killing the fleas and giving him a medicated bath, he’s much more comfortable than he’s been in quite some time.”

Daugherty gets along magnificently with Rags. And she claims that Rags is a wonderfully behaved animal that would do well in most households. During the grooming process, he managed to stand perfectly still while the people cut off the matted dreadlocks that had weighed him down for much too long.

When the grooming was finished, Rags was taken to a comfortable plush bed where he was allowed to sleep until he was done. He really needed the safety of the shelter and rested it afford him.

Because Rags has heartworm, the shelter is currently raising $500 to pay for his treatment. But after that is done, the pup will be up for adoption. And he is as eager as can be to find his new forever home.