ABC Says Last Man Standing Was Cancelled Due To Scheduling Conflict, But The Truth Is Disturbing

Updated September 20, 2017

Fox News Insider is reporting on their website that the ABC television sitcom “Last Man Standing” starring comedian Tim Allen has been canceled.

According to the article, Fox News Insider is alleging the show was canceled due to the personal political beliefs of Allen, who portrays a politically conservative father on the show, and who has made comments disparaging the entertainment industry in real life.

ABC announced the cancellation of “Last Man Standing on May 10, after six successful seasons. The reason stated for the cancellation was that the original contract with the show’s production company, Twentieth Century Fox, had run out and re-signing the contract would shift production costs to ABC.

Senior vice president of ABC Entertainment, Jori Arancio issued a statement that said “This was a scheduling decision.”

It is possible for Twentieth Century Fox to shop the show to other media outlets so that it can be picked up for a seventh season.

Many fans of the show have taken to social media to complain about the cancellation, accusing ABC and its parent company, Walt Disney, of ending the show for political reasons, like Jerrod Hamlin who said “Fox or Netflix will pick them up. The show will continue. Tim Allen doesn’t back down from thinned skinned easily offended liberals. There’s no asterisk next to the first amendment that says *unless my free speech hurts your poor little feelings. Republicans don’t cry in the streets when we want to make a change. We do so with our money and our vote. ABC will lose millions of viewers. Hit them in their wallet.”

Another fan of the show, Chris Brenner, wrote “If it is true that ABC canceled the show because of a few politically comedic lines then they should cancel “The View” also. The leftist heathens on there spew nothing but hate.”

And some fans thought that it was a question of censorship, like Sarah Chaiko, who wrote “Sad to see one of the last good sitcoms go. Just another example of the media taking away our freedom of speech. Exactly why I voted for Trump. We need to protect our amendments.”

Superfan Bryan Phillips said “Hope Fox picks them up. Great show. Too bad the libtard snowflakes can’t handle a conservative show. Nice tolerance, ABC. That is why this was the ONLY show I watch on that network.”

At least one person pointed out that while the show may have been the second highest rated show on ABC, it was actually losing against its competition from the other networks. Denise Byrnes wrote “Hey geniuses, here is the reason it is canceled: Actually look up the ratings. It was number 12 and was losing viewers. If it is losing viewers it is not a money maker. Two seconds to Google ABC’s current ratings and this show was NOT in good standings.”

Do you think ABC made a mistake in canceling this show? Do you think their decision was driven by political views or by economic concerns? Share your thoughts and theories with us here.