Abusive Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend In The Face, Gets Served Up Instant Justice By Her Son

Updated March 14, 2017

You have to be a pretty big coward to hit a woman. But to do it in front of her son, you’ve got to be the lowest kind of lowlife. This guy has made it a habit of abusing the woman he is with. And this time he has done it in front of her son, and the abuser never thought twice that the boy would defend his mom. However, that’s exactly what happened. Now, look what happened.

As the short video clip proves, don’t hit a woman when her son is next to her. You’ll watch this guy get laid out with one single punch from the young man. It’s a violent and curse-laden video, but one worth watching if you’re like seeing justice be served.

When the video starts, the skirmish is already underway. The man in the blue shirt and workmen’s pants is to the left and is harassing the woman on screen.

Then he slaps her across the face. When the boy realizes what this guy just did, he gets physical quickly.

He winds up a right-hand cross and slams the woman-beater in the face. With that one punch, the guy falls to his back and lands on the road knocked out.

Seconds after the man is knocked out, the woman he abused gets down to make sure he is all right. This abuser has done a lot of damage to this family and she needs to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

More than 7 million people have watched this video clip. Here are some of the most popular comments they’ve left:

“this boy got a good head on his shoulders. this guy just got his sent flying off his shoulders,” Xavier Garcia wrote.

“I’m pissed the mom wanted to make sure he was okay I would have kicked his knocked out *ss and walked away,” shared Malakaiea.

In response to the last comment, EpicToast wrote, “Sadly this is a sign of prolonged mental and physical abuse. Don’t be pissed, be sad for her. Please don’t talk about what you do not know.”

Weekend Entropy joked, “She was not helping him. she was making him smell her sweat.”

“He hit that young mans mother. Anyone out there wouldn’t do the exact same thing? I thought so. Well done,” Jose Cunha wrote.

“you never hit a woman unless she is threatening your life with a gun, knife or is trying to kill you. This woman was just verbally arguing with him and he lost his temper and wanted to go off on her. He won’t be doing that again,” wrote user Peace Florida.

“If that man is the woman’s husband I wonder how many times he hit the woman before? Bet he won’t do it again ” shared knightflyte.

“I’ll never understand women that defend their abuser. Some serious psychological issues ” contributed Marlon Mendez.

What do you think about this situation? Did the son do the right thing?

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