After Cops See Video, There Will Be No Hiding For Teen Driver Who Thinks He’s Entitled

Updated March 17, 2017

After receiving the nearly $40,000 Mercedes-Benz for his 18th birthday, a street racer entered his car in a Colombian street race. And he totaled the expensive vehicle.

Video footage shows the car crash and the teen driver emerging from the wreckage. He was not alone – a passenger had been along for the ride. And both of their lives had been risked in the illegal street racing showdown.

Because the teen wanted to push his new Mercedes to the limits, he pulled out of the race pack in a risky overtake move that caused him to slam into a wall. As a result, he completely destroyed his new luxury car and feels zero remorse about it…

One of the other racers’ dashcams shot the footage, which you can see below. The clip begins at the race’s start line and shows dozens of other sports cars preparing for the race. Their hazard lights are flashing and the continuous roar of engines is deafening.

Suddenly, horns blast when a police siren signals the start of the road race. Immediately, the drivers slam their accelerator pedals to the metal – and shoot off as fast as they can.

The illegal race is held in the tunnel of Avenue Avenida Colombia in Cali, Colombia, reports.

Less than 20 seconds into the race, the teen driver makes the crazy move. His car lifts off the pavement and then hits the wall. While dragging along the passenger side of the vehicle, the car slides across the asphalt until it collides into a barrier.

The video cuts to a view of the wrecked Mercedes-Benz at the 26-second mark.

Here you can see how much damage was truly caused. The car is destroyed. The front is caved in and all the windows are shards of glass. If you take a close look, you can see that the wheels even face the wrong direction. This 18-year-old really pushed this car to its limits.

Miraculously, the entitled teen and his passenger survived the crash. The airbags saved them. And they were able to escape the destruction with minor injuries.

Many readers thought the parents of the entitled teen should have given him something better than a car.

“He is an idiot but whoever bought him that car is the real idiot,” wrote one reader.

“A better present would be a book on physics explaining how real life differs from computer games,” Martin wrote.

“That’s okay, Daddy will buy another one as soon as the next deal goes through,” shared one disturbed reader.

“Well, if you’re going to write off a car, that’s certainly the way to do it. 10/10 for effort buddy boy!” one Cambridge, UK reader wrote.

Because this teen showed blatant disregard for both the rules of the road and his parents’ kindness many viewers hope he doesn’t get a new vehicle. But his entitlement did not come from anything. He learned his way of living. And it all likelihood, he will just get another Mercedes-Benz although, as one user wrote, “enjoy your new bicycle.”

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