After Health Experts Admit What Hot Dogs Do To You, I Vowed To Never Eat Another One Again

Updated October 5, 2016

When it comes to feeding your children something wholesome and delicious and fast, hot dogs are an easy fix for a quick meal. Who doesn’t like a pink hot dogs served in a toasted bun with some mustard, ketchup, or sauerkraut served on top?

And for most of us, these tasty items are a call back to childhood.

But now health experts are warning parents to not feed hot dogs to their children. As it turns out, these pieces of mystery meat are a lot more harmful to human health than previously thought…

According to LiveStrong, hot dogs are loaded with fat (and not the good kinds of fat), have high cholesterol content, and contain loads of salt. Plus, manufacturers keep hot dogs “fresh” with a bunch of chemical preservatives that are anything but wholesome.

While you probably already knew hot dogs were bad for your waistline, but new research says this food item is a dire threat to children everywhere…

Hot dogs are killing children across America in ways you never would suspect. But you need to know the truth – especially if hot dogs are on your dinner menu.

Hot dog meat contains additives that prevent botulism, increase the shelf life of these meats, and give it the “pink” color. Without the color additive, hot dogs would be an ugly gray.

These additives that are abundant in hot dogs are called nitrites. And they’re abominable for your child’s health. They can even be deadly…

Nitrites are associated with an increased cancer risk. And children who eat hot dogs 12 times or more each month are at nine times the cancer risk.

The Daily Health Post reported, “Children who ate hot dogs one or more times per week were also at higher risk of brain cancer.” “There was a strong risk for childhood leukemia for children whose fathers’ intake of hot dogs was 12 or more per month before conception.” “Children born to mothers who consumed hot dogs one or more times per week during pregnancy had approximately double the risk of developing brain tumors.”

While hot dogs might be an essential ingredient to many American events like baseball games, picnics, and backyard BBQs, they are extremely dangerous to little ones.

Hot dogs go through a lengthy process before the “trimmings” from a collection of meats are ground up in large machines and then mixed with processed chicken “trimmings.” Then manufacturers dump in sacks of salt, food starch, and preservatives to make the stick of meat.

Next time you go shopping for any processed meat, Fooducate offers this advice:

“Check the ingredient label next time you buy some deli style meats. If you want to avoid nitrates, your chances are higher with organic products, but not guaranteed. Your best bet is to limit hot dogs and processed meats to occasional meals. When you do choose processed meats, “organic” and “naturally raised” tend to have less of other bad ingredients.”

If you’re still not convinced that hot dogs are bad for your health – or refuse to let go of the childhood nostaligia – simply watch how these casings of meat are made. You’ll probably reconsider eating them after that.

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