After Losing Weight, He Starts Feeling Sick. Doctors Give Him Weeks To Live. The Cause? WARNING

Updated February 23, 2016

In an effort to lose weight and be more fit, young dad Matthew Whitby of Australia started taking two popular weight-loss products.

Now he’s in the hospital and doctors say he has just two weeks to live. The man is in dire need of an emergency liver transplant.

Back in 2014, Whitby wanted to build some muscle and lose weight. So he did some online research and settled on two popular weight-loss products. Within the first week, the young dad was extremely tired and jaundiced.

He waited two months before seeing a doctor. By that time, the physician delivered the bad news. Whitby had liver failure.

Because his life was almost over, the father was forced to take a transplant of a liver infected with hepatitis B.

“I have to take a tablet everyday for the rest of my life, but I’m just grateful to be here,” the married father of two explains.

What weight-loss supplements almost killed this young dad?

  • The first was a protein powder with a concentrated green-tea extract.
  • The second was a supplement that included 70 percent garcinia cambogia.

The doctor suspects Whitby’s condition was connected to the green tea extract. But garcinia cambogia is also tied to liver problems.

Whitby now wants other men and women to know that they need to be careful when consuming dietary supplements.

“I didn’t think something you could buy online or just over the counter did the damage that it did to me,” Whitby explains in the ABC News story.

“I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone,” Whitby says. “Do your research and ask your doctor about the product before taking it. I wouldn’t recommend shakes in general, just diet and exercise.”

Dr. Jon Wardle warns consumers that small doses of green tea extract is okay but too much will turn your liver “into mash.”

“There are lot of self-taught diet and exercise experts out there who don’t have any training. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s completely safe,” Dr. Wardle tells

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