After Meeting Online, They Fall In Love And He Proposes. Then He Drops A Bombshell [video]

Updated April 18, 2017

They say that true love can overcome everything life throws at it, and sometimes it is hard to believe that there is not a certain special someone meant for everyone. Especially when you hear a story like this.

We just found an amazing story, thanks to Inside Edition, about a couple who seemed destined to end up in each other’s arms. You are absolutely going to love this story when you watch this video about Amy and Justin.

Two Florida singles named Justin and Amy had each crossed into their thirties without finding “the one” and both decided to try the world of online dating. They signed up to the popular dating site, in hopes that each would finally find true love.

Justin was browsing profiles when he came across one that immediately caught his attention. He sent the woman an introduction and she accepted. They began to communicate regularly through the dating site, then via texting, and then speaking by phone. The woman was Amy, and she was just as interested in Justin as he was in her. There was no denying that the two had a chemistry between them.

They finally decided to meet in person, and when they did, sparks were flying.

Just before their first date, Amy confided to a friend that she thought she had finally met “The One.”

Speaking with People Magazine about their romance, she said “It was like I had known him my whole life.”

Thus lending proof to the adage that you should always trust your gut instinct.

They dated, and became very serious. Before long, they were engaged to be married.

Not long after he proposed, justin dropped a bombshell on Amy, telling her he had always had a thing for girls named Amy.

He explained that his first sweetheart, all the way back in preschool, had been name Amy, and he had never forgotten her.

Her curiosity piqued, Amy did some research and discovered that while they did not go to elementary school together, during their first years, they lived in the same area.

The two asked their parents to dig through old pictures from that time, and soon enough, Justin’s mom found a picture that explained everything.

In a class picture from Justin’s preschool days, she saw the most remarkable thing. In the very same picture as her fiance’s younger self was a little girl she instantly recognized: herself.

As tears of joy began to run down Amy’s cheek, she realized that Justin’s first love had always been her.
After their story became public, Inside Edition picked it up and followed Justin and Amy as they prepared for their wedding day, thirty years after attending preschool together in St. Petersburg.

Their wedding was almost a royal affair, complete with media coverage and a celebrity officiant, in former The View host, Michelle Collins.

Love certainly does conquer all, even time itself.

What do you think of Justin and Amy’s story? Did you have a fairy tale romance for the ages? Please share your thoughts and stories with us here.