After Officer Dies, 7-Year-Old Brings Station A Present. Has Them Smiling Again [video]

Updated April 7, 2017

The generosity of a little boy was felt in a big way after a police officer died in the line of duty.

Brady Duke, just 7 years old, donated his Nintendo Wii console to the Wausau Police Department after they tragically lost one of their officers who died after a fatal shooting.

The Wisconsin boy wanted to give his game system and favorite games to help bring them some joy during a dark time. His mom, Jessica Duke, remarked, “He just has a really big heart,” explaining, “When we told him about the shootings, he felt like his heart broke about it. He knew in his heart he needed to do something.”

What can a 7-year-old offer, though? Brady decided that giving them one of his favorite toys, a Nintendo Wii, could provide some help, so he packed it up with games and sent it to the police department.

He included a note, which the police department shared on Facebook. Brady wrote: “Dear officers, thank you for serving our community. You keep my family and I safe. I am so sorry that one of your police brothers died. How can I help?”

The Wausau Police Department paid him back in a remarkable way, inviting him and his family to the station to play games on Brady’s Wii.

His mom commented: “They had a blast — it was so much fun. It was so impactful for Brady just to know they would take time out of their day for him.”

The kindness didn’t end there, however, as the officers, truly touched by Brady’s generosity, sent him home with a new Xbox 360 and games.

Him mom said of the gift: “He didn’t know what an Xbox 360 was, so this is a whole entire new ball game for him.”

Of course, commenters on YouTube were harsh about the officers’ gift, with comments like: “why not xbox one or ps4,” “Why not a Xbox one or switch,” and “Not even a Xbox one poor kid lol.” In response, one commenter noted: “The thought matters! He was a generous kind boy.”

Someone else noted: “The comment section is cancer…Too many edgy kids arguing about which console is better and that the police officers should have gotten the kid an xbox one or a switch.”

This person put it in perspective perfectly, writing: “So many comments about it being an Xbox 360 instead of an Xbox one. And a wii, instead of a switch. Gosh guys, this young boy did something gracious for the officers, and all you can think about is the value of the gifts. Be grateful that you have a roof over your head, and a computer or phone to watch this on.”

Another simply stated: “It’s not the console that matters, it’s the thought.”

And this person had high praise for the little boy, writing: “Some people have a such a kind heart! I would do the same as the officers🤗,” while another wrote: “I LOVE SEEING THE GOOD RATHER THE ALTERNATIVE..WHAT A SMART YOUNG MAN –(donated a wii)..kudos buddy!”