After Planning For 20 Years, Guy Spends $1.6 Million To Build 230 Foot Replica Of Noah’s Ark

Updated September 7, 2017

Johan Huibers made his fortune as a building contractor and comes from England. He is a deeply religious and pious man. And one day, he felt God spoke directly to him, much like had did in the days of the Bible. Johan had a vision that a terrible flood would sweep across he Netherlands and destroy an entire region of the European country. Not only did he envision a flood, but God told him to build an ark to save mankind much like he did back with Noah in Genesis. Johan did not question God’s words and immediately got to work building the massive vessel.

There was a main difference between Johan’s mission and Noah’s. Johan’s ark was not intended to save people from a flood, he felt modern man had figured out enough technology to do that, he wanted to save people from their own sin and teach them the ways of the Christian God.

Johan received the vision of his giant ark back in 1992. Ever since then, he has kept his head down fulfilling God’s mission for him. Before he began building, he needed to do his research. He consulted the Bible religiously and read non-fiction books and saw every documentary about Noah’s ark ever created. He was not going to leave a stone unturned if he was to complete God’s will.

When Johan had the knowledge and the means to create the ark, he build it in the Port of Schagen in 2005-2007. The massive vessel is 230 feet long and cost him more than $1.6 million.

Then for the next 3.5 years of his life, Johan sailed around the Netherlands. He wanted the people to see what God had commanded him to create and they were impressed.

But then Johan heard the word of God. And he got to work again. And soon enough, this ark was only the first one he built.

He donated the first to an organization called Ark of Noah that continued his oceanic adventures while Johan put his attention back into building another. This time Johan dove deeper into the Bible to unlock the secrets held within the words. He knew his mission was bigger than him and he needed to reach as many people as possible, to save them from themselves.

He build a second ark that met God’s exact dimension as He outlined to Noah back in Genesis. This one measured 430 feet long and 100 feet wide. It stood 75 feet high. It was strong enough to withstand the worst flood imaginable. It had seven stories and weighed 2,500 tons. Plus, it could house 5,000 of God’s chosen people at once. Johan and just eight others build the massive ark by hand. They even used some of the original materials that Noah had used in his day.

This ark floats in Dordrecth in the Netherlands. It cost the carpenter more than $4 million to build, but he feels it is worth every cent.

When it opened, Johan’s ark attracted almost 300,000 visitors.

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