After Seeing Dad’s Use For Shower Liner At A Beach, I’ll Never Go Without One Again

Updated June 14, 2017

The sun is out, temperatures are rising, and we’re excited to hit the beach. You will be too when you and the family try out this great DIY project for creating a kiddie pool at the beach. No more worrying about your littlest ones navigating the rough ocean waters. Instead, create this fun and easy wading pool for the infants and toddlers to play in.

Constructing a kiddie pool at the beach is easy. You will need:
Shower curtain liner

Digging a hole in the sand big enough that the kids have room to play.
Place the shower liner in the hole, making sure it’s flat against the bottom of the hole. Bury the edges of the liner in the sand to keep it in place.
Use the buckets to get ocean water and fill the pool.

We loved this idea so much, we wanted more ideas for summer DIY projects. Sticking with the swimming theme, we put together a list of our favorite DIY projects that can be made with pool noodles. All parents have loads of these sitting around. Here are some creative ways to put them to use.

1. Pool Noodle Serving Dish – Duct tape Tupperware to bits of pool noodles and you’ll be able to enjoy drinks from the comfort of your pool.
2. Pool Noodle Bodyboard – Make your own bodyboard with a pool noodle and plenty of duct tape.
3. Pool Noodle Lightsabers – Star Wars fans, rejoice.
4. Pool Noodle Beer Bong – If you’re bored of the usual drinking games, play around with a pool noodle beer bong.
5. Pool Noodle Quilt Storage – Wrap your quilts around pool noodles for easy storage.
6. Pool Noodle Childproofing – Cover sharp-edged furniture with pool noodles.
7. Pool Noodle Trampoline-Spring Wrap – Wrap pool noodles around trampoline springs to prevent injuries that can happen when people land on the springs.
8. Pool Noodle Bumper Protector – Perfect if you’re worried about future bumper damage to your whip.

9. Pool Noodle Head Protector – If there’s something you keep accidentally banging your head on in your home, cover it with a pool noodle to protect your noggin.
10. Pool Noodle Racing – A fun way to pass a few hours.
14. Pool Noodle Party Flowers – These decor flowers would make an adorable summery addition in any home.
11. Pool Noodle Throne – Win the Game of Thrones in your own backyard.
12. Pool Noodle Bath Toys – Slice up pool noodles to make an endless source of bath toys. If you find any of the toys getting moldy, just throw them away and create more on the cheap.
13. Pool Noodle Door Slammer Preventer – Prevent the slamming of doors and finger ouchies by attaching pool noodles to doors.
14. Pool Noodle Bed Barrier – Prevent tots from falling off the bed by placing a pool noodle under a bed sheet.
15. Pool Noodle Fridge Blocker – If small things tend to disappear beneath the fridge, this trick is an easy fix. It can also work for ovens and couches!

What DIY projects will you be doing this summer? We want to hear your ideas, tips, and suggestions. Tell us all about them in the comments section below.