After Seeing Her Method To Make Grilled Cheeses, I’ll Never Make Them Any Other Way Again

Updated May 25, 2017

If there is one year round favorite lunch or late night snack that never fails to please any crowd, it is the grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks to Classic Comfort Kitchen we just found the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich recipe, ever. In fact, you would have to be lactose intolerant or a vampire not to get on board with this delish twist on the old standby.

To make this garlic grilled cheese sandwich you will need one loaf of sourdough country bread, a half of a cup of mozzarella, a half cup sharp cheddar, a half cup of monterey jack, two cloves of whole peeled garlic, one third of a stick of butter, two teaspoons of olive oil and salt, to taste, we recommend course ground sea salt.

Start by slicing the bread into six half inch pieces and melting the butter and olive oil in a pan to coat both sides of each slice of bread. Next, toast one side of four slices, and both sides of two slices of bread until you reach desired brownness. Now rub the garlic all over the bread until it is all thoroughly coated. Blend all the cheeses and evenly spread on one slice of bread, lightly sprinkle with salt, top with another slice of bread, add more cheese and salt, and top with another slice of bread. Toast the sandwich until the cheese gets all melty and the bread has reached desired browness on the exposed sides. This recipe will yield two massive, amazing sandwiches.

If you have trouble getting the cheese to melt evenly, try adding a teaspoon or two of water to the pan and cover to steam. This will not make the sandwich soggy, but will assist in making the cheese comply with your wishes.

Of course, no matter what the season, nothing goes better with a grilled cheese sandwich than tomato soup. Thanks to, we have found the simplest, most tasty tomato soup recipe fit for dining alone.

To make this great soup you will need one half of a fresh tomato, one quarter of a white onion, a half cup of tomato-vegetable juice cocktail, and salt and pepper to taste.

Begin by pureeing the tomato and onion in a blender or food processor. Then place in a small saucepan and add the juice cocktail, salt and pepper. Bring it to a boil and then simmer for ten minutes or so.

If you have any grated cheese left over from the sandwiches you can garnish the soup with it, and maybe some fresh cracked pepper over the top. Another appealing garnish is a couple of fresh basil leaves floating on the surface. This recipe yields one serving, so just double it for date night.

If you are a home gardener or have access to a real farmer’s market, finding the perfect tomato should be easy. First, make sure you are not selecting one because it “looks like a tomato.” the store-bought tomatoes in most grocery stores are bred for shelf life and consistency, not flavor. Typically, a weirdly shaped, extra firm tomato with some blotchy coloring is a good indicator that you are on to a great tomato. Next, smell it. Take a deep, lustful breath of the aroma with you eyes closed. Does it smell of a garden, grassy and green? If so, you have found a winner.

What other summer sides do you like to serve with your grilled cheese sandwiches? As the seasons change, how do you mix up the sandwich routine? Please share your thoughts and recipes with us here.