After Seeing His Method, It’s The Only Way I’ll Ever Cook Beef Again [video]

Updated April 26, 2017

When it comes to culinary skills, the basics are vitally important. If you lack basic kitchen knowledge, then you’re going to struggle with everything you try to cook. That means things like knife skills, timing and knowing your ingredients are very important. Similarly, you want to know how to cook certain meats. Steak is the one we’re going to touch on today.

With the grilling season just around the corner, you need to be ready. Whether you’re touching up your grill game or want to get in on it this year, cooking the best steak is a skill you can master.

Check out this video recipe from FudeHouse on YouTube. According to the title, you’re going to “Flip the Script” and perform “The Reverse Sear” to make a tender, juicy steak that will make your guests’ mouths water…

For those of you who are not ready to take your steaks to the grill – or aren’t enjoying the warm weather yet – then you need to first master the stove-top steak.

As discussed in the video, the first way to do it is to sear one side, flip and sear the other. Then pop it into the hot oven. According to FudeHouse, this method is bogus and all wrong if you care about steak.

To make “beautiful, sexy steaks,” you need to flip the script. Start with the steak in the hot oven and finish with the sear.

Start with a thick cut of steak. Give it a salt and pepper crust. The chef recommends using more salt than you think you need and “a healthy dose of pepper.” Make sure you get the seasoning on all sides of the steak.

Place it on a baking rack and pop it into your preheated 275°F oven. This temperature might seem low but it’s for a reason. You don’t want to trigger any searing or browning action on the meat – because you’re going to sear the hell out of it once it’s done with the oven step.

When the internal temperature reaches 125°F, it is time to pull it out of the oven. So, yet. You need a meat thermometer to make the perfect steak.

Once you take it out of the oven, let your juicy, succulent steak rest. It will still be rare but the residual heat and searing will finish it off to your desired level of doneness.

After about 15 minutes of rest, give the steak a hard sear in a hot cast iron pan. Cook in about 1-2 minutes per side on some canola oil or a dry pan.

Because the external temperature of the steak is already hot, this reverse method allows you to get a better sear in less time.

Not only that, but the time in the oven has dried out the surface of the steak. That means it is ready and willing to be seared to perfection.

Also, because the steak was rested mid-process, once it is seared, it can be sliced and served hot.

In the second half of the video, FudeHouse goes through why this technique is better than the “traditional” stove top steak cooking method. Check that out in the video below.

For now, tell us what you think about this reverse sear method. Is that how you cook a steak on the stovetop?

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