After Seeing His Recipe For Pancakes, I’ll Never Make Them Any Other Way Again [video]

Updated March 2, 2017

Mmmm…what’s better than pancakes? While they are typically served as a breakfast food, they can certainly be enjoyed for lunch and dinner too. Their soft fluffy texture makes them loved by all and let’s not forget the fact that they are super versatile. Got a hankering for something sweet and the maple syrup just won’t cut it? Then throw in some chocolate chips or blueberries. It’s certainly an easy way to get your kids to eat too!

But, have you ever heard of Fluffy Japanese Pancakes?

Well, evidently these babies are a hit in the UK and they are a great way to spruce up your pancake options, especially with National Pancake Day right around the corner, on March 7th. The nationally celebrated “food holiday,” is a time to recognize the tasty treat for its fluffy goodness, so what better time to learn a new way of enjoying it than to try out this recipe, brought to you by My Virgin Kitchen.

The Fluffy Japanese Pancakes are known for their thickness and super fluffy inside. They are also known for their sweet vanilla flavor. And there aren’t a whole lot of ingredients that go into making them, which is always an added bonus. You’ll need the following…

2 eggs

½ tsp baking powder

Butter for the ring mould

60g sugar

180g plain flour

Drop vanilla extract

180ml buttermilk

Pinch salt

½ tsp bicarb of soda

Syrup and butter to top

First of all, pull out a medium sized mixing bowl. Crack two eggs into the bowl. Add the buttermilk. Regular milk may be used as a substitute, but as the host says…”buttermilk is a bit cheekier.”

Add in the sugar and vanilla extract. The host advises you to get a good quality extract because this is the go-to ingredient that will ultimately make or break the end result. Add a drop of salt and then use a whisk or a mixer to blend the ingredients together.

Now all you need to do is add in the final three ingredients: bicarbonate of soda, baking powder and flour. You’ll then get back to whisking until your combined ingredients create a thick, glue-like consistency. Pour this mixture into a liquid measuring cup (this will make it easy for pouring into the mold).

For your mold, you can either use a round cookie cutter or small round springform tins. Butter the inside edges of the tins.

Place a frying pan over a medium flame and add a bit of oil.

Next, you will set your tin in the oiled pan, before pouring the batter into the tin about halfway up. You will let this cook for about four or five minutes. Place a lid over the pan so that steam infiltrates the pan and cooks the middle of the pancake a little more.

Now it’s time to flip. You’ll want to angle your pan up slightly to minimize the drop of your pancake. This will result in a fully cooked and less messy cake. Now let it cook another four minutes on the other side before you lift it out and let it cool on a kitchen towel. When it cools off a little, you will use a knife to separate the edges of the pan from the cake. You should be able to successfully release the cake from the tin.

Now it’s time to serve!

Top it with basics like butter and syrup and enjoy!