After Seeing Why He Places Ice Cubes On His Burger, It’s The Only Way I’ll Cook Them Ever Again

Updated August 8, 2017

It’s summer and the heat is on…which means we are in the midst of grilling season. Who doesn’t like to cook up some meats and wine and dine outside beneath the starlit sky?

While you are going about you grilling business, we have some important tips that will take you through the season.

Testing How Much Propane You Have Left

Nobody wants to get stuck running out of propane before they grill out. One way to test how much you have left is to tilt the can on its side and pour a cup of hot water on the can. When you set it back upright, you’ll place your hands on the can. If the can feels cool in certain areas, that means that there is propane. If it’s warm, then the propane has run out. So if it’s cool at the top of the can, you have a good amount left.

A Better Way to Make Kebabs

Kebabs are a favorite mostly because they are so versatile. You can throw on meat and veggies in random order for a nice colorful treat, but one of the problems that arises with kebabs is the fact that the stick often gets burnt. In order to stay safe from flames, all you need to do is soak the skewers in a bowl of water for 15-20 minutes. This will keep you flame-free.

Get the Juiciest Burger

Who would’ve thought putting an ice cube on meat would produce the tastiest and juiciest burger of all time? Get your cubes ready because when you put one on the raw meat as it’s cooking, the water sinks into the meat and gets you some mouth watering meat. If you aren’t super conscious of calories, you can use a pad of butter to achieve the same result.

Grill Brush Be-Gone

So, we’ve all heard the bad news about grill brushes. Those dangerous little bristles can get stuck in the food that you grill, which in turn can end up in your stomach, doing major damage. Several victims of the grill brush incidents have had to undergo major surgeries. But how do you get your grill clean without a brush? Easy…grab yourself some aluminum foil. After you crumple the foil up, pick it up with tongs and scrub away. In order to achieve a super clean grill, you’ll want to make sure the grates are still hot. If you have some major grime on your grill, you can use an onion. Simply cut the onion in half and use the tongs to rub the onion across the grates. The moisture and acid from the onion help lift the dirt and grime.

Rid Your Grill of Those Fish Bits

Fish cooked on the grill can be delicious, but often times it leaves behind pesky bits on the grates. For now on, cook your fish on a bed of lemons to prevent this. Simply lay out six slices of lemons and place the fish on top for some clean cooking. An added bonus is that the fish will have a citrus flavor.