After Years Of Trying To Keep It A Secret, Jerry Lee Lewis Announces Devastating News

Updated March 9, 2017

Rock ‘n roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis, 81, is making some shocking claims about his daughter, Phoebe. According to the famous singer, his daughter has abused him for years.

He’s filed legal documents against his daughter, claiming that she drugged him and left him in a moldy house that was so badly infested he had to wear an oxygen mask. Lewis also makes claims that Phoebe and her husband, Ezekiel Loftin, took advantage of him and stole money from him when they managed the singer from 2000 to 2012.

According to Lewis, his daughter and her husband would give him a “heavy cocktail of psychotropic drugs” so they could take advantage of him, forcing him to go on tour even when he was in poor health. reports that Lewis filed court documents against Loftin earlier in the week, but added his daughter’s name as well.

According to the documents, Lewis claims Loftin stole $5 million from him, spending it on real estate, cars, and plastic surgery. Lewis claims that Loftin bought an 1875 French Second Empire mansion in Lynchburg, Virginia, in addition to other historic homes in Memphis and Texas.

The couple also reportedly bought a piano for $22,500 and spent $48,563 for a new Cadillac CTS. Loftin posted a picture of the car on Twitter, writing: “The killer’s daughter and I now have dueling CTS’s.”

According to The Daily Mail, the documents state: “[Loftin] and his co-conspirators spent Jerry Lee Lewis’s money lavishly on items such as luxury and recreational vehicles, plastic surgery, and home furnishings in and around this judicial district. They bought real estate in multiple states and they also withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash from an account in the name of Jerry Lee Lewis’s alleged management company.”

The “Great Balls of Fire” singer is seeking to receive the stolen money and banning his daughter and son-in-law from using his name or likeness.

In court papers, Lewis’ lawyer, J.D. Barton, asserts that the case should not be delayed, explaining: “Given the age of…Jerry Lee Lewis, the potential for fading memories, and the potential for the destruction of the evidence, any delay in discovery would be prejudicial to the plaintiffs.”

Lewis also sued his son-in-law in September 2016, filing documents with a Tennessee federal court that accused Loftin of writing “untrue and outrageous” posts on Facebook. Lewis and fellow plaintiffs, his wife Judith, daughter Lori and son Jerry, sued Loftin for libel, and intentional infliction of emotional distress and other counts, seeking $1 million in damages.

Loftin said in one post: “It’s obvious at this point the drugs and constant manipulation has taken its toll on the man and he has completely lost any grasp he had on reality.” His son-in-law also claimed that Jerry Lee Lewis III was not Lewis’ biological son.

Even after Lewis sued to stop Loftin from posting about him on Facebook, his son-in-law wrote: “Do I sound like am apologizing nope and let me tell you this. I look forward to the day I do ACTUALLY get sued by these people I will countersue their asses off and expose the most horrible story I have ever seen,” adding, “And I had a lot more fame BEFORE I met Jerry Lee Lewis.”