After You See Security Footage, You’ll Understand Why People Call Him Unluckiest Guy Alive

Updated April 19, 2017

A 25-year-old man from Canada experience a horrific incident last week. While standing outside of a hotel, Cary McCook, 25, was trampled by a deer. The four-legged animal blindsided the man as he stood outside the hotel near a vehicle.

After McCook was dropped off at the Stork Nest Inn, which is located in Smithers, British Columbia, a frolicking deer came speeding right at him. The deer trampled the young man and knocked him to the ground.

Video footage captured the shocking incident and has since been shared online. You can watch the deer trample McCook in the clip below!

Fortunately, McCook sustained only minor injuries. He was able to talk to reporters following the violent incident.

“As I was turning my brain couldn’t process what was coming at me and by the time I knew it, [I had] already had gotten hit by ‘Bambi’ that was being chased by a dog,” McCook told Global News.

In the surveillance footage, we discover the cause of the sprinting deer. Apparently, a dog was chasing after it, which caused the deer to speed away as fast as possible.

The incident occurred on April 1 (perhaps this was nature’s way of playing an April Fool’s Joke on McCook). He shared his account of the incident on his Facebook page – but most people thought he was lying. But now that he has video evidence, he can his friends what really happened to him in British Columbia.

“I was in shock at the time and then I jumped on the phone automatically. Mind you, this is April 1st. So everyone is thinking April Fool’s this and April Fool’s that,” McCook told the CBC. “I call my Mom and then I tell her, ‘Mom, I got hit by a deer.’ She couldn’t believe it. She’s like, ‘All right, Cary, good one.’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m serious. I got hit by a deer in front of my hotel room.’ She wouldn’t believe me.”

Because he was the one trampled by the deer, McCook as the hotel for the video and permission to share it online. He simply wanted to legitimize his story – and the hotel, the Stork Nest Inn, obliged his humorous request.

“Then I put the video on Facebook and it automatically took off going viral,” he said. “I find it more hilarious the more I watch it.”

McCook admitted that the incident was horrifying at the time. But now that it is over and he is safe, he is glad it happened for the story he can tell.

“We just had a shock,” he said. “I guarantee the deer was appointed alpha. Now it’s like running around being all high saying, ‘Hey, I took down a First Nations hunter! What did you do?'”

Watch the video surveillance footage below. You’ll see the moment that McCook leaves the truck and gets pummeled by the deer.

How would you have reacted if a deer trampled you? Would you have made light of the situation like McCook?

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