When You See This Neo-Nazi’s Mugshot, You’ll Wonder How Is He Allowed To Do THIS For Court. NOT FAIR

Updated July 27, 2016

A Nevada white supremacist is getting a makeover to cover up his white pride. Apparently, his defense attorney thinks having “Baby Nazi” tattooed across his forehead would be a strike against him.

The judge presiding over the armed robbery trial of twenty four year old Bayzle Morgan agrees and has ordered the visible tattoos covered with makeup so as not to prejudice a jury. Find out how a tough guy winds up becoming a covergirl.

In this trial, Morgan is accused of stealing a man’s motorcycle at gunpoint in Las Vegas back in May of 2013. It has been especially difficult to seat a jury because of the high public visibility of the defendant and the crimes he is alleged to have committed.

His physical appearance has also made it difficult to find sympathetic jurors as well.

During a first round of voir dire interviews, many of the prospective jurors claimed that the swastika, iron cross, and inflammatory nickname emblazoned on his forehead, cheeks, and neck would distract them and tended to prejudice them against his case.

In response to the reaction of the initial jury pool, District Judge Richard Scott ordered a makeup artist to cover the tattoos, which delayed the jury selection process by thirty minutes. Later, in the afternoon when the makeup started to fade, a member of Morgan’s defense team claimed the tattoos were becoming visible again.

One potential juror admitted to knowing about the tattoos from news reports and has already been dismissed.

In order to keep the jury as unbiased as possible, Morgan will be allowed to wear street clothes and makeup every day during the trial, and will not be required to wear handcuffs in the courtroom.

He will however be required to have the makeup removed at the end of every day, before being transported back to the detention center where he is being held during the trial which may or may not be a good thing, because as we have seen in countless prison movies, racist tattoos don’t win you many friends in prison, and mascara may make him the wrong kind of friends.

This case is only one of two that Morgan is currently facing. Next month he is scheduled to face a jury again on charges of capital murder, for the killing of a 75 year old woman named Jean Main.

In that case he is a co-defendant with 46 year old Keith Smith. Morgan is accused of breaking into Main’s house, beating and then shooting the woman, and stealing a laptop, a purse, keys to a car, and about eight hundred dollars in cash. Smith is charged with being an accessory and driving the getaway car.

That trial will be heard by a different jury in a different court, and he may not be afforded such extraordinary measures to conceal his political affiliations in that case.

If found guilty in that case, Morgan will face the death penalty.


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