Airline Agents Challenged Passenger, So He Grabs The Intercom Microphone. Now He’s Famous

Updated October 6, 2017

Usually traveling in airports and on planes is not a very comfortable experience. Unless you have access to a private jet or enough money to purchase a first class ticket, you’re stuck in the back with the rest of coach scooting over and pushing your legs out for more room. You have to compete with the other passengers and the suitcases to put your feet anywhere under the seat in front of you. While most airlines are all business, Southwest Airlines manages to inject some fun into the flying experience. Because they value their customers, they want to provide a memorable flying experience for everyone. And often they over deliver on their promise. While sometimes they fall short, more often then not they do something that makes you smile and want to fly Southwest next time you travel.

In a recent interaction with a Southwest interaction, people were waiting at their gate eager to board the plane. Because things were getting kind of boring, the Southwest agent at the desk decided to spice things up.

People were getting low energy. They were bored and the experience was dull. That’s when the Southwest agent turned the gate experience into a party.

Apparently a lot of people were coming up to the gate and asking questions. In exchange, the Southwest agent required everyone to sing if they wanted their question answered.

Traveler Mike Vadala managed to record the incident and shared it on Facebook.

“So our gate at Nola Southwest required everyone who asked a question to sing,” Mike Vadala wrote.

We don’t know if the Southwest agents simply wanted to cut the line down, but they managed to do it in a way the injected a lot of fun into a normally boring experience of waiting in the airport for your flight to board.

While most passengers were petrified by the request, one young man took up the challenge to sing. And he simply became a sensation.

“This guy went off,” said Mike.

When the recording starts, the impromptu singer is already finishing his first tune. It sounds like he is closing off his rendition of “Wonderwall” before launching into a hilarious version of “No Diggity.”

Although he is taking a risk by putting himself out there, within 50 seconds of the clip, the courageous singer has the entire gate singing along.

As you can imagine, this Facebook clip managed to accumulate a lot of views. At the time of this writing, Mike’s video was viewed more than 10 million times. And thousands of people have shared comments and reacted to the video.

Here were some popular comments about the impromptu concert at the Southwest gate:

“I would have loved to have been there! We could have broke out in our dance!! It would have been amazing! Ha ha”

“He’s awesome wish I was on that flight.”

“you are going to loosen up and embarrass yourself like this guy just in the name of fun! I hope I am there to see it!”

“OMG, I need to take a SWA flight Nola. SOON. And just stay at the counter and sing.”