Airport Security Was Going Through Regular Checks, Quickly Realize She Needs To Be Detained

Updated February 23, 2017

Over the last year, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency has confiscated a whole slew of strange items and contraband. And we’re not even counting the weird items that TSA blocked from our planes in 2016, which includes a hand grenade and a Hello Kitty handgun.

But Customs, which checks people coming into America from different countries, has found anything from cocaine, dead monkeys, live sea horses, and drugs stuffed inside cooked chickens.

However, when a flight arrived from Mongolia, Customs can add 42-pounds of horse meat including equine genitals to their list of oddities. This strange collection of meat was found hidden inside juice boxes at Dulles International Airport in Virginia last week.

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Coming to America from a flight form Mongolia, two women were caught with the horse meat. They had gone through a routine agriculture check. And that’s when Border control agents found the horse genitals and meat.

“We open their bags and it is sitting there staring right at us,” said Stephen Sapp, a spokesman for the department, reported the Washington Post.

When questioned, the Mongolian woman told agents that the horse genitals had been transported for medicinal purposes. In addition to the horse meat, the women also carried about three liters of yak milk from the landlocked Asian country north of China.

“It was not for legitimate food purposes if you’re concealing it,” Sapp said. “We had no certification from the Mongolian government that it was horse meat and had been inspected.”

The incident occurred on January 29, but the custom agents had withheld the information from the public until their official announcement on Thursday.

Because the meat was not allowed into the country, agents incinerated the yield. Unless someone obtains official certification, horse meat cannot enter the United States legally. Why? Because it can come with a risk of foot-and-mouth disease.

But Mongolian horse meat has long been forbidden in all forms. It has a higher risk of containing diseases.

The women seemed to have simply been ignorant to the rules. It did not seem like they were trying to smuggle the horsemeat into the country, but simply take it with them for personal use.

“Customs and Border Protection takes no pleasure in seizing and destroying travelers’ food products,” said Wayne Biondi, CBP Port Director for the Area Port of Washington Dulles. “We’re in the business of protecting America’s agriculture industries, like the livestock industry, from the potential introduction of animal diseases posed by these unpermitted food products.’ “

In response, readers from Mail Online shared their reactions to the concealed horse meat situation:

“And people have a PROBLEM with limiting these immigrants, into OUR country?!? Don’t forget, just a short while ago, some creep with EBOLA came in and infected a couple of nurses,” an angry San Diego resident wrote.

“Wow those customs officials really know their cuts and chops and must have the well-seasoned palettes to discern yak milk from imitations,” joked a Portland, Oregon reader.

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