All She Could Afford Was An Old Trailer. Wait Until You See It After A 4-Month Renovation

Updated November 21, 2016

When one woman wanted to find the perfect place to run her business, she looked in the most unlikely of places…The Junkyard!

Instead of opting for a location that would leave her draining her bank account to pay rent, she used creativity to turn a junkyard find into a unique treasure.

Hair Stylist, Katy McLaughlin had worked hard to build up a clientele over the years. So, when she was asked by several of her clients if she could come to them with her services, she did what she could to satisfy her customers. And as fate would have it, the nearby junkyard had exactly what she was looking for. A silver Airstream trailer! After she made her discovery, the Texas resident did some research and confirmed that Texas does in fact, offer a mobile salon license.

She was on her way to designing her own mobile salon!

As with most junkyard finds, the trailer need major work when she first found it. The inside looked as if it could be a fitting home for wildlife creatures and there was a good chance that some animal did, in fact, take up residence in the beat up old trailer.

The couch looked as if it had been a daily snack for some mice and the walls were nothing to write home about. But, that didn’t stop McLaughlin from veering away from the image that she had in her head, one of a beautiful finished project that could cater to all of her client’s needs and provide her with the cutting edge styling supplies and appliances that she would need to run a successful business.

As soon as she removed the trailer from the junkyard, she went to work on the exterior. Having been in the beauty industry for years, McLauglin knew the importance of being well put together on the outside, so she put on a fresh coat of well-needed paint.

Next was the most challenging part of the project…tackling the interior.

With ancient, beat up toilet seats and a non-working sink and torn up furniture, McLaughlin had her work cut out for her.

She knew that the only way to really bring life to the inside of the trailer, would be to strip the inside completely and start from scratch.

When all the old was stripped from the inside, she was ready to put the new in place. This was the exciting part, as McLaughlin could really let her creative juices flow with the design on the salon.

Wanting to maintain the vintage look, McLaughlin opted for teal and white accents for the chairs and waiting area. Offering some pizazz to the interior, she added some overhead rope lighting.

After four months of hard work, the project was finished, and anything from junky looking. Sinks, hair dryers and decor were added to finish the project and ready it for her clients.

The business is now known as “Hair & There,” and she gives her clients the options of coming to her or she will go to them for a fee. Bridal parties have found the business convenient when getting ready for the big day.

And McLaughlin isn’t stopping there. She is continuously looking for new ways to upgrade and ensure that her clients receive top of the line services.