All These Years Buying Tic Tacs And I Had No Idea I’ve Been Using Them Wrong [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

That  British tabloid, The Daily Mail, has done it again! They have finally hacked the age-old question of how to eat Tic Tacs properly. Or, more accurately, how to dispense them into your hand properly.

In a recent online story, they uncovered the true genius behind the Tic Tac packaging and laid out a step by step method of removing a Tic Tac from its container. You are possibly going to be amazed to find out that it is possible you have been using the Tic Tac packaging in an incorrect fashion when you read this article.

Tic Tacs, introduced into the candy market in 1970, are one of the world’s favorite breath fresheners. Unlike chewing gum, which just makes everyone look cheap, these little guys can be popped into your mouth and consumed so rapidly that no one would ever notice.

This feature makes them incredibly popular on the singles scene, where the first impression can mean the difference between meeting “the one” and spending a lifetime collecting feral cats.

‘But just how, exactly, are we supposed to get the little buggers out of their plastic “pill box” packaging and into our mouths,’ you ask? Good Question. And now, thanks to The Daily Mail, we have an answer.

Basically, the specially designed lid has a special feature, an oblong “corral.” When you hold a package of Tic Tacs upside down, one of the delicious candies will fall into this depression. Then you gently tip the entire package on its side and carefully flip the lid open. And voila! You have successfully dispensed one Tic Tac into your hand.

Now your breath is fresh and you are ready to talk to… hey, wait. Where did she go?

Or, if you are like the millions of people who have learned fine motor coordination, you could simply pop the lid and sprinkle one or two Tic Tacs into your hand. Did we say one or two? We sure did! Because two Tic Tacs at once does not a glutton make.

Since the Daily Mail ran this story, people have been commenting on it, saying things like:

“Thank you for this tip. My life will never be the same again!”- SK241271

“Mind blown life hacks.”- girlwithcake

“you haven’t been eating them wrong. They still go in your mouth.”- Null

“Who eats them one at a time?”- CommenterSupreme

“Don’t tell me how to eat tic tacs. I’ll enjoy them however i want.”- Doug Coughlin

“Why is there even a wrong way to eat them. They are tic tacs for goodness sake. Eat them how you like!”- Reasonable Comments

All snark aside, some folks have pointed out that the packaging is different in different countries and that in some places, the lid has a different design that does not feature the oblong Tic Tac catcher.

“That kind of lid isn’t available in the UK…”- Soaps

Have you ever experienced a great deal of difficulty in figuring out how to use candy packaging? Share your stories with us here.