Although She’s Only Left Her Hometown Twice, No-Name Girl Is One Of The Best Voices We Ever Heard

Updated February 23, 2017

Daisy Clark is on track to become one of the biggest singing sensation of the decade. But what’s most alluring about her story is that she has gotten all of her acclaim with just a webcam and her social media accounts.

Now with nearly six million people around the world watching her perform online, she is set to become a bigger star than Taylor Swift. Although the teenage singer may only have left her home county of Cornwall twice, fans from around the world are begging her to come to their city on tour.

The 18-year-old’s big break came when she recorded and uploaded an acoustic version of Olivia Newton-John’s classic song “Hopelessly Devoted To You” from the hit musical Grease, with John Travolta. Although the song was published only in September, Daisy Clark has already become an internet sensation…

Just weeks after it was released, Warner Bros. executives watched her video and offered her the record deal of a lifetime. They were dying to release the song professionally.

The young singer, from Newquy had just finished her college course in music performance could not believe her luck at being offered a start at a professional career.

Before her video “exploded”, Clark had only left her home to visit neighboring Devon and to go on a family holiday to Greece. But since she uploaded the performance to a website that features many unsigned independent music artists, she was discovered by the big shots and offered a shot at pop stardom like she has always dreamed.

X-Factor winner James Arthur was one of the first to experience her talent on the site. She also did a cover of his song “Say You Won’t Let Go” and he loved it.

Clark recalls watching Grease with her mother growing up.

“Mum and I watch Grease together quite a lot, she is really into my music and this song was stuck in my head,” she said. “I have always watched people singing on YouTube and wanted to be like them … I never thought I would get so many views. I nearly didn’t post this cover online as I’d received some negative comments recently – but I’m so glad I did. The feedback with people commenting or getting in touch with me has been amazing. It’s crazy.”

Clark was attending Truro College when she got the Warner Bros. offer. She taught herself to play guitar and piano. And there has not been a day in recent memory when she has not sung.

When she was thirteen, she began songwriting. Popstars Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift inspired her.

She is overwhelmed by her unprecedented success.

“The past few months have been out of this world. The music scene in Cornwall isn’t huge, but I always hoped that someone would see and love my music. It’s so exciting that someone like me, from a tiny town miles away from London, can release such an iconic song after being spotted online. I hope it will inspire other musicians around the country to keep trying, and not let small-town mentality or negativity get them down.”

Watch her iconic performance of the Grease hit below.

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