An Abused Wife’s Tip To Police Leads Them To The Worst Crime Most Of Them Have Seen [video]

Updated June 14, 2017

When a woman had shocking information about her 34-year-old husband, she wanted to go to the police about it. But he continuously beat her into submission. But after the horrible man committed his last atrocity, she had no choice. She needed to call the police at risk to her own safety. And she didn’t care if he beat her harder than ever before. She needed to come clean with the truth about the man she married. She told police that her husband forced her into prostitution and then she outline the horrors the Illinois police would find if they looked inside her garage. And what the police found there, they will never forget…

Although the woman has not been identified, her story was verified. The information she freely gave to authorities helped the cops find a child killer. Her husband Jason Quate had killed a 6-year-old child in 2015, and his wife could no longer ignore it.

She told the police about how the child’s remains had been stored in the garage of an abandoned Centreville, Illinois home.

Police found the little child’s remains on Tuesday. Because the remains were so severely decomposed, the experts could not determine if the child was a boy or a girl.

It happened like this. The female informant met Quate in Illinois and then they moved to Las Vegas. Along with the pair came two other children.

Lt. Raymond Spencer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police described in detail what the woman had accused her husband of:

“She stated that her husband was extremely abusive and had forced her to go out and solicit herself for prostitution and also was physically abusive to the children. She also gave us very disturbing details that she was not allowed to communicate with the children.  She was forced to stay in a bedroom. The children could not speak with her and also that the children were never allowed to leave the house.”

The two children the woman and her husband moved to Las Vegas with were removed. They appeared to be abused. But now they are in the custody of the police and will go into child protective services.

Meanwhile, the woman has been relocated to a woman’s shelter where she is safe from her husband’s associates.

Now Quate faces serious charges of sex trafficking.

The remains in the garage need to be identified still. If they are associated with a murder, Quate’s charges will likely be upgrade. And when considering the two children also under his custody, it is possible Quate will face felony child abuse charges as well.

Quate has come forward and spoken against his wife.

“This is all her idea. She wanted to come out here and be a prostitute. She wanted to do all this. I’ve never harmed her and forced her to do this. I’ve begged her to get a regular job,” Quate told CNN affiliate KSNV.

Quate also said he never murdered the child. His wife was responsible for that one too.

“She said she found a family that was looking for a kid and they wanted to adopt her, and which was fine, because we were struggling really badly at the time with money and cash and trying to take care of three girls,” he said.

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